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Job 41, Faithful, The, 1917

Summary: The Faithful was written by John Masefield and designed for production by Winthrop Ames and Bel Geddes for the 1917-1918 season, but the production was cancelled due to Ames's wartime commitment.

Hunter Code: DR 11
Hunter Guide: page 47

Box/Location Folder Description
flat file b 1-4 Renderings --- 'Ronin', 'Kira', 'Asano', Kurano'.
oversize box 19 c 1 Costume Renderings --- 9 Sketches.
theater box 44 e 1 Preliminary Sketches --- 4 Floor plans by Winthrop Ames and NBG.
theater box 44 h 1 Photographs of rendering.
theater box 44 i 1 Publicity --- Clipping of renderings.
theater box 44 j 1 Correspondence --- Letter rec. from Ames 21Dec1917.