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Norman Bel Geddes and Co.
"Origination of the Natural Camouflage Technique for the U.S.A. Corps of Engineers"
Ca. 1942
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Job 462, Camouflage, 1942

Summary: This job includes camouflage model photography, presentations to the U.S. Army, and a study for the Nash-Sikorsky plant.

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Box/Location Folder Description
box 31 462.1 Correspondence, meeting minutes, telephone transcripts, memos, Job Outline and Set-Up, press release, draft design programs, 3 photostats Mar-Sep1942.
box 31 462.2 Nash-Sikorski --- Client correspondence, meeting minutes May-Jun1942.
box 31 462.3 Industrial camouflage by NBG in The Conference Board Management Record (Mar1942).
box 31 462.4 Presentation Book (photos separated).
oversize box 9 462.1 Presentation Book --- "A New Method for Concealing Industrial Plants."
photo box 14 462.1-2 47 Photographs: 42 of model, 4 aerial, 1 of rendering.
damaged flat box 13 462.1 9 Photographs of model. 1 Photostat of drawing.
box 31 462.5 Data --- "Bibliography of Camouflage". Blueprint of Fleetwings Plant #1.
oversize box 9 462.2 Data --- Clipping 1942.
damaged box 12 462.1 Data --- "Notes on recent Overseas Camouflage" 1942.