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Inwhich, August 1915

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Job 4, Inwhich Magazine, 1915-1917

Summary: From June 1915 through November 1916, Bel Geddes and his first wife, Helen Belle Sneider, published a magazine called Inwhich. Here was a magazine “in which,” Geddes told his readership, “I say just what I think,” writing on numerous topics of interest to him. (At that time, he joined his and Belle’s first names to become Norman-Bel Geddes, a moniker he kept, without the hyphen, after their separation in the mid-1920s.) Geddes's fusion of the practical (advertising) and the visionary (his spiritually based magazine) reflected larger American interests of the time as manifested in the formation of the nation’s consumer culture.

See also Family Correspondence (job 960).

Hunter Code: WM 1
Hunter Guide: page 240

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Box/Location Folder Description
theater box 176 b 1 Drawings --- 14 Prints for illustrations (12 by NBG, 1 by Edward Penfield).
theater box 176 g 1 Manuscripts submitted for publication, with notes.
theater box 176 i 1 Publicity --- Clipping.
theater box 176 j 1 Copyright notice.
theater box 176 j 2 Correspondence --- Dudley Geddes, Jacob Weintz, H.B. Sneider, NBG May1915-Nov1916.
theater box 176 j 3-4 Correspondence --- Subscription list. Subscribers' correspondence Jun1915-Jul1917.
theater box 176 k 1 Inwhich Aug1915, Sep1915.
theater box 176 k 2 Inwhich undated pages.
theater box 176 k 3 Printed copies of Inwhich from microfilm: June, 1915 to March, 1916
theater box 176 k 4 Printed copies of Inwhich from microfilm: April to November, 1916
theater box 176 n 1 Inwhich microfilm, no. 1-18, Detroit, Mich.