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"Norman Bel Geddes: War Maneuver Models Created for Life Magazine"
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Job 499, Museum of Modern Art - War Models Exhibit, 1942-1944

Summary: During World War II, the Museum of Modern Art launched a series of war-themed exhibitions, including this one that featured Bel Geddes models depicting “events that have already taken place,” “battle scenes that might have taken place,” and “the big event yet to come,” a possible major second front which Geddes projected might open up through Norway or the North Sea coast of Germany. The exhibition featured a live-action installation, in which Geddes’s staff built day by day a large model of an invading army coming up against a river defense line.

The exhibition was sponsored by Life magazine, and ran from 26 January to 5 March 1944.

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Box/Location Folder Description
box 35 499.1-2 Agreement, correspondence, memos; job diary Sep1943-Oct1944.
box 35 499.3 Publicity --- Press release, invitation, clippings, 1944.
box 35 499.4 Museum of Modern Art exhibit catalog, "Norman Bel Geddes War Maneuver Models Created for Life Magazine," 1944 (2 copies); 5 brochures for Erpi Classroom Films Inc.; 2 brochures for Encyclopaedia Britannica Films Inc. (formerly Erpi Classroom Films Inc.).
photo box 15 499.1 21 Photographs of exhibit and opening.