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Job 54, Century Roof Theatre, 1918-1919

Summary: Bel Geddes designed a cabaret stage for Morris Gest for the show "Century Midnight Whirl." It opened at the Century Grove Theatre in New York on 12 December 1918 with a cast that included Ed Wynn, Charles King, and Nita Naldi.

Hunter Code: TH 8
Hunter Guide: page 170

Box/Location Folder Description
theater box 154 b 1-4 Renderings --- Watercolors of stage and curtain.
theater box 154 e 1 Preliminary Sketches --- Stencil of design detail.
theater box 154 e 2 Preliminary Sketches --- 7 Sketches of stage details.
theater box 154 e 3 Preliminary Sketches --- Sketches of floor plan with notes.
theater box 154 m 1 Programs 12Dec1918 and 14Apr1919.