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Joseph B. Brignolo
Front façade of Copa City on opening night
December 23, 1948
Gelatin silver print

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Norman Bel Geddes Database

Job 584, Copa City Night Club, 1948-1957

Summary: Bel Geddes designed this nightclub for Murray Weinger after Weinger’s Copacabana club in Miami Beach burned down. Adaptable as a radio and television studio, department store, and theater, Copa City opened on December 23, 1948 to national acclaim.

An engineering and design marvel, the building’s suspended roof structure allowed for the construction of floor-to-ceiling curved walls of plate glass, manufactured to Geddes’s specifications, creating the impression of vast openness.

Hunter Code: TH 11
Hunter Guide: 171

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Box/Location Folder Description
object a 1 Model reconstructed from original model and plans by Robert Hawley (box is 8 x 26 3/4 x 22 inches).
flat file e 1 Preliminary pencil sketch of interior perspective of restaurant.
flat file f 1 Plans and elevations --- Ground floor plan, drawing #308.
flat file f 3 Plans and elevations --- Restaurant seating plan, drawing #405.
flat file f 4 Plans and elevations --- Floor covering diagram, drawing #475.
flat file f 4a Plans and elevations --- Entry plan, elevation, and detail, drawing #477.
rolled storage f 5 Plans and elevations --- Lounge and lodge, drawings #500-503.
flat file f 5a Plans and elevations --- Lounge and foyer, drawing #514.
flat file f 6 Plans and elevations --- Lounge, podium, and service bar, drawing #532.
flat file f 7 Plans and elevations --- Stage floor plan, drawing #807.
flat file f 7a Plans and elevations --- Framing diagram with note in red pencil by NBG, drawing #850.
flat file f 8 Plans and elevations --- Main floor plan, drawing #852.
flat file f 9 Plans and elevations --- Traffic and service diagram, drawing #855.
flat file f 10 Plans and elevations --- Portfolio of general plans and elevations for all similar capacity buildings.
theater box 155 h 1 Photographs --- Construction.
theater box 155 h 3 Photographs --- Opening night (30 photos).
theater box 155 h 4 Photographs --- Performers.
negative box 39 h 5 Photographs --- Color negatives of rendering.
theater box 155 i 1-8 Publicity --- Interview. Clippings.
flat file i 9 Publicity --- Florida reviews.
theater box 155 j 1-3 Correspondence --- Memos. Telephone transcriptions 1948-1949.
theater box 155 j 4 Correspondence --- NBG - Oscar E. Dooley Realtor 1956-1957.
theater box 155 m 1 Program.
oversize box 22 n 1a-c Photostats --- Positives and negatives for publicity.
flat file n 2-7 Photostats --- Publicity, plans.
theater box 155 o 1 Legal. Invoices.
theater box 155 p 1 Specifications.
flat file q 1 Source Material --- Fabric designs.
flat file u 1-6 Drawing --- Lighting plans.