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Job 77, Orange Blossoms, 1922

Summary: This musical comedy in three acts was based on the play La Passarelle by Fred DeGresac and Francis DeCroisset. Orange Blossoms was produced by Dillingham, Erlanger, and Edward Royce with music by Victor Herbert and lyrics by B. G. DeSylva. It was staged by Royce at the Fulton Theatre in New York on 19 September 1922. It also previewed at the Garrick Theatre in Philadelphia. The scenery was designed by Bel Geddes under the title The Marriage of Kitty. The cast included Edith Day, Nancy Welford and Pat Somerset, and there were ninety-five performances.

Hunter Code: MC 6
Hunter Guide: page 119

Box/Location Folder Description
flat file d 1-17 Drawings --- 17 Design patterns.
flat file f 1-6 Drawings --- 6 Plans and elevations.
flat file f 7-11 Drawings --- 5 Scenery details.
theater box 102 i 1 Publicity --- Clippings.
theater box 102 j 1 Letters rec. from Edward Royce 1922.
theater box 102 m 1 Program --- Fulton Theatre.
theater box 102 m 2 Program --- Garrick Theatre.
theater box 102 n 1 Photostats ---Design pattern (d.2).
flat file n 2 Photostats --- Scene (d.10).
flat file u 1 Drawing --- Lighting plot.