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Norman Bel Geddes Database

Job 937, Publicity - College Exhibits, 1931-1957

Summary: A number of colleges expressed interest in showing the stage designs of Bel Geddes in their exhibitions on contemporary theater. These requests were usually honored, resulting in his showing work at a number of colleges from the years 1931 to 1955. The files include exhibition catalogs for exhibitions at Harvard University, the University of Missouri, and the University of Connecticut. The catalog from the Harvard exhibit names Geddes as one of the "great trio of American designers," together with Robert Edmond Jones and Lee Simonson.

Exhibition material is also found in Exhibits (job 943).

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Box/Location Folder Description
theater box 199 i 1 Publicity --- Harvard Society for Contemporary Art, clipping, 1932.
theater box 199 j 1 Correspondence --- Brandeis University 1949.
theater box 199 j 2 Correspondence --- Harvard Society for Contemporary Art, letter sent, 1931.
theater box 199 j 3 Correspondence --- Philadelphia Museum School of Industrial Art.
theater box 199 j 4 Correspondence --- Loans to Universities 1948.
theater box 199 j 5 Correspondence --- University of Michigan 1941, 1948.
theater box 199 j 6 Correspondence --- Michigan State University.
theater box 199 j 7 Correspondence --- University of Missouri 1946.
theater box 199 j 8 Correspondence --- SUNY Long Island Agricultural and Technical Institute.
theater box 199 j 9 Correspondence --- Williams College.
theater box 199 m 1 Program --- University of Connecticut 1955.
theater box 199 m 2 Program --- "Designs for the Theatre: Settings and Costumes," Harvard Society for Contemporary Art, 1932.
theater box 199 m 3 Program --- University of Missouri 1946.