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Francis Bruguière (American, 1875-1945)
Model of Scene III in Will Shakespeare

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Norman Bel Geddes Database

Job 81, Will Shakespeare, 1922-1923

Summary: Will Shakespeare was a play in six scenes written by Clemence Dane. With settings and costumes by Bel Geddes and songs by Deems Taylor, it was produced and staged by Winthrop Ames at Jordan's National Theatre in New York on 1 January 1923. With Otto Kruger, Winifred Lenihan, Katharine Cornell, Cornelia Otis Skinner, Haidee Wright, and Anne Williamson, the play ran for 80 performances.

Hunter Code: DR 51
Hunter Guide: page 85

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Box/Location Folder Description
theater box 78 b 7 Scene Rendering --- 'Shakespeare's cottage, Stratford.'
flat file b 2 Scene Rendering --- 'Room in Palace, London.'
theater box 78 b 3-6 Scene Renderings (oil on wood).
flat file b 1 Scene Rendering --- 'Another Room, London.'
flat file b 1 Scene Renderings (charcoal).
theater box 78 c 1-4 Costumes --- 83 Sketches.
theater box 78 c 5 Costumes --- Costume plot.
theater box 78 c 6-13 Costumes --- 8 Watercolor renderings.
flat file c 14-18 Costumes --- 5 Patterns.
flat file d 1-41 Drawings --- Set details and furniture.
theater box 78 e 1-6 Drawings --- Preliminary sketches of plans, lighting plan, fans.
flat file f 1-15 Drawings --- Plans and elevations, ceiling, curtain.
theater box 78 h 1-7 Photographs --- Production photos of actors.
theater box 78 h 8 Photographs --- Record Copy Photo of model settings by Bruguière.
theater box 78 h 9 Photographs --- Negatives of Bruguière photos.
theater box 78 i 1-6 Publicity --- Reviews, photostat 1923.
theater box 78 m 1 Programs --- National theatre.
flat file n 1 Drawings --- Blueprints of plans and elavations.
theater box 78 o 1 Agreement between NBG and Ames.
theater box 78 p 1 Production Specifications --- List of drawings.
theater box 78 r 1 Properties --- List and plot.
flat file r 2-4 Properties --- Property drawings.
flat file u 1 Lighting Plot.