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Milt Gross (American, 1895-1953)
Calamity in Hollywood -- One of Cecil B. DeMille's Yes-Men Says "No!"
March 1, 1931

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Norman Bel Geddes Database

Job 954, Drawings, Caricatures, Cartoons, 1900-1940s

Summary: This job includes caricatures by and of Bel Geddes, cartoons, and Christmas cards.

See also Early Sketches, Drawings, Paintings, and Posters (APe, Hunter page 230).

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Box/Location Folder Description
box 94 954.1 Jocko in his Stall 1900.
box 94 954.2 9 Cartoons and caricatures by NBG.
box 94 954.3 Cartoons by NBG --- Graphic (Los Angeles, 1917).
box 94 954.4 12 Caricatures, 5 photostats of cariacatures of NBG by others.
box 94 954.5 Clippings of caricatures of NBG by others.
oversize box 16 954.1-2 1 Caricature of NBG. 1 Clipping caricature 1938.
flat file 954.1 NBG by Pal. Cartoons.
damaged oversize box 2 954.1-8 Photostats of comics --- Nancy by Ernie Bushmiller, The Shmoo by Al Capp, by Rube Goldberg, Spooky by Bill Holman, Pin-Up Girls by Patterson, Little King by O. Soglow.
box 94 954.6 Christmas Cards Received.