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Norman Bel Geddes Database

Job 956, Clubs and Memberships, 1929-1958

Summary: Correspondence, programs, brochures, and ID cards form the bulk of this job.

Box/Location Folder Description
box 94a 956.1 American-Russian Cultural Association 1943-1947.
box 94a 956.2 Circus Saints and Sinners 1940.
box 94a 956.3 Coffee House Club (important autographs) 1936-1947.
box 94a 956.4 Maidstone Club 1937-1943.
box 94a 956.5 Players Club 1934-1939.
flat file 956.1 Society for the Encouragement of the Arts, Manufactures, & Commerce, London 1939.
box 94a 956.6 Shelter Island Yacht Club.
box 94a 956.7 Adventurer's Club --- US Naval Institute 1929-1958.
box 94a 956.108-109 Iron Gate --- Jake and Charlie's "21."
box 94a 956.8 University Club --- Paul Garratt's "The New Gentleman's Reminder," 1955.