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Geddes getting out of a Chrysler Airflow automobile
Ca. 1933
Gelatin silver print

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Norman Bel Geddes Database

Job 977, Photographs - Personal, Family, 1870s-1950s

Summary: Bel Geddes's personal and family photos are arranged following Hunter's classification, APh 1-42.

See also photographs in Family Correspondence (job 960), Biographical Data (job 982), Publicity (job 937), and Travel (job 962).

Hunter Code: APh
Hunter Guide: pages 231-232

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Box/Location Folder Description
photo box 21a 977.1-4 Family and childhood, to ca. 1913 (APh 1).
photo box 21a 977.5-6 Mother Lulu Yingling Geddes ca. 1873-1893.
photo box 21a 977.7-8 NBG & 1st wife Bel Sneider ca. 1915.
photo box 21a 977.9 NBG, wife, daughters Joan & Barbara ca. 1918-1924.
photo box 21a 977.10 Separation sheet to negative.
photo box 21a 977.11 First home [?].
photo box 21a 977.12 NBG with J.H. D[?] - autographed photo ca. 1915.
photo box 21a 977.13 NBG - Paramount publicity photo ca. 1922.
photo box 21a 977.14 Max Reinhardt ca. 1924.
photo box 21a 977.15 NBG by Vandamm photographer ca. 1923.
photo box 21a 977.16 NBG by Bruguière ca. 1924.
photo box 21a 977.17-18 NBG by Goldberg 1924.
photo box 21a 977.19-20 NBG by Beals ca. 1925.
photo box 21a 977.21 NBG by Goldberg 1930-1935.
photo box 21a 977.22 NBG by Vandamm 1930.
photo box 21a 977.23 NBG by Stackpole 1935.
photo box 21b 977.24 NBG by Underwood & Underwood 1930s.
photo box 21b 977.21 NBG by Van Vechten 1935.
photo box 21b 977.26 NBG on CBS Radio program 1936.
photo box 21b 977.27 Frances Waite by Genthe.
flat box 20 977.1 Frances Waite Albums.
photo box 21b 977.28 Frances Waite & NBG ca. 1931.
photo box 21b 977.29 NBG by Kaidan 1937.
photo box 21b 977.30 NBG & War Game by Vandamm [1928].
photo box 21b 977.31 NBG with ship models ca. 1940.
photo box 21b 977.32 NBG at desk 1941.
photo box 21b 977.33 NBG - Borden Co. 1939.
photo box 21b 977.34-37 NBG by De Vos 1939.
photo box 21b 977.38 NBG at play in Florida 1944.
photo box 21b 977.39-40 NBG - Bermuda 1940s.
photo box 21b 977.41 NBG with Mrs. Averill Harriman.
photo box 21b 977.42a NBG at work, with Audograph machine, by B. A. Bakalar, 1949-1950 (APh 36).
photo box 21b 977.42b NBG at work, with Audograph machine, by Ollie Fife, 1948.
photo box 21b 977.43 NBG with Charles Wakefield Cadman ca. 1916.
photo box 21b 977.44 NBG autographed photos rec. from Maurice Browne, Alexis Fournier, Ernest T. Seton ca. 1915-1920.
photo box 21b 977.45 NBG with sailboat rigging plans ca. 1942.
photo box 21b 977.46 Late photos of NBG 1940s-1950s.
photo box 21b 977.47-49 NBG with others, ca. 1940 (APh 42).
photo box 21c 977.50 NBG portraits Record Copy Book.
photo box 21d 977.51-55 Homes, excursions ca. 1900.
photo box 21d 977.56 Thundercloud ca. 1915.
photo box 21d 977.57 [Edward] Penfield ca. 1915.
photo box 21d 977.58 Thomas A. Edison.
photo box 21d 977.59 Indian Postcard.
photo box 21d 977.60 NBG in Indian dress ca. 1910.
photo box 21d 977.61 Silhouette of NBG 1914.
photo box 21d 977.62 NBG as Bob Blake Eccentric Comedian ca. 1910.
photo box 21d 977.63 Aline Barnsdall & her Frank Lloyd Wright designed house 1916.
photo box 21d 977.64 NBG with R. Ordynski 1922.
photo box 21d 977.65-66 NBG ca. 1930.
photo box 21d 977.67-68 NBG & Frances Waite 1930s.
photo box 21d 977.69-70 Sketches of Frances Waite.
photo box 21d 977.71 Sketch & photos of FW from album.
flat box 20 977.2 Frances Waite Photograph Album ca. 1915-1937.
flat box 21 977.3 Frances Waite 35 mm negatives ca. 65 [35?] rolls including Eternal Road and Siege models.
photo box 21d 977.72 FW & niece.
photo box 21d 977.73 Barbara Bel Geddes ca. 1937.
photo box 21d 977.74-77 NBG publicity portraits ca. 1936-1950.
photo box 21d 977.78 Edith Lutyens & unidentified person ca. 1956.
photo box 21d 977.79 Singaadja, Bali stone carving.
photo box 21d 977.80 HRC copy prints of nude.
photo box 21d 977.81 Slides (49) of NBG and Edith Lutyens Bel Geddes in Jamaica, 1957.
photo box 21d 977.82 Photos (8) of NBG and friends sailing, 1940s; one photo of NBG as guest of Navy (?), ca. 1940.
negative box 36 977.1 One roll of 35mm negatives of nude.
negative box 53 977.2 7 Negatives NBG & friends sailing ca. 1946. [nitrate]
photo box 21d 977.81 Snapshots of NBG sailing, as Navy guest 1940s.
negative box 53 977.3-4 NBG Negative Album ca. 1910-1915. [nitrate]
negative box 53 977.5 Undated negatives (2) of Edith Lutyens Bel Geddes and unidentified man, photographed in a residence; found with 977.81. [nitrate]
flat box 21a 977.4 Original box for slides in 977.81, labeled "Mrs. Norman Bel Geddes, Bel Geddes & Ettinger, Inc."; original box for negatives in 977.6-7, found inside the other box.