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Norman Bel Geddes Database

Job 982, Biographical Data, 1918-1958

Summary: See also job 937.

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Box/Location Folder Description
box 112a 982.1 Clipping 1918 "Geddes and Wife Paint Scene for New Opera" containing NBG sketch of Bel.
photo box 21 982.1 Early Drawings of NBG --- Photographs, sketches, prints. Color slides of posters and cover art 1913-1915.
negative box 53 982.1 Early Drawings of NBG --- Negative photostats. [nitrate]
box 112a 982.2 Mrs. William Beers (Aunt Crick) Correspondence 1933-1954.
damaged box 35 982.1 Biographical Sketch and Who's Who Biography. Chronology of exhibits.
damaged box 35 982.2 Photographs of NBG including Van Vechten & Kesserle portraits) 1940s-1950s.
box 112a 982.3 Who's Who and Europa Publications Correspondence 1956-1958.
box 112a 982.4 Harrison Correspondence re theatre design. Publicity release 1956-1957.
box 112a 982.5-6 Obituaries and Tributes --- Letters rec. and clippings 1958.
oversize box 16 982.1 Who's Who. List of Clients.
oversize box 16 982.2-3 Obituaries and Tributes --- Clippings.
flat file 982.1 Obituaries and Tributes [labelled file 988, Estate].
box 112a 982.7 Obituary and Tributes --- "I'll Give Away My Eyes," article in Daily News re NBG donating his eyes to the National Eye Bank after his death, 10 Sept. 1958.
flat box 22 982.1a NBG personal scrapbooks of publicity clippings.
flat box 23 982.1b NBG personal scrapbooks of publicity clippings (continued).