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Arabian Night, An, 1915

Summary: An Arabian Night was a one act play written and designed by Helen Belle Sneider and Norman Geddes. It was produced by Jessie Bonstelle at the Garrick Theatre in Detroit, Michigan, in the summer of 1915.

Hunter Code: DR 2
Hunter Guide: page 39

Box/Location Folder Description
oversize box 19 c 1 Costume Rendering --- 'Sunanda' and 'Prolog'.
theater box 37 h 1 Photograph of rendering --- 'Genie'. Negative.
theater box 37 i 1 Publicity --- Inwhich advertisement for play publication.
theater box 37 y 1 Production notes in form of autobiography draft.
theater box 37 y 2 Letter H.B. Sneider to NBG 6Apr1915.