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Norman Bel Geddes Database

Unidentified Material, 1931-1953, undated

Summary: This job brings together formerly uncataloged material which has not been assigned a job number. For materials previously cataloged as UNCAT 1-4, see Publicity - Articles about NBG (job 937).

Box/Location Folder Description
theater box 197 UNCAT 5.1-2 Stephen Bayley, Dreams That Money Can Buy: Design in America, 1920-1965. Photocopy typescript, 1983.
theater box 197 UNCAT 6.1-2 George E. Bogusch, Unity in the New Stagecraft: A Study of Productions Designed and Directed by Norman Bel Geddes (Indiana University thesis, 1968). Photocopies with annotations.
object UNCAT 7 Unidentified model.
object UNCAT 8 Unidentified model.