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Bel Geddes drawing Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade design
Ca. 1926
Gelatin silver print

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Norman Bel Geddes Database

Job 106, Macy's Christmas Parade, 1926

Summary: For Macy’s third annual Thanksgiving Day or Christmas parade, Geddes produced eight design drawings between 7 and 15 October 1926: the inaugural unit holding a “Macy’s Christmas Parade” sign; a Humpty Dumpty balloon float with band; a menagerie zoo; a Cinderella-themed third band; Punch and Judy, clowns, and airplane floats; a fourth band and Christmas tree float; and a finale Santa Claus float with “Follow the Parade to Macy’s” marching snowmen.

Please note: Due to their poor condition, these drawings are not available for research.

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Box/Location Folder Description
rolled storage 106.1 Drawing 1, 7 Oct. 1926: Police mounted escort, major-domo, inaugural unit, nine sign bearers, Macy’s Christmas parade sign.
rolled storage 106.2 Drawing 2, 8 Oct. 1926: Humpty Dumpty balloon float with band, sign bearer, sign, horses, float, and balloon girls.
rolled storage 106.3 Drawing 3, 8 Oct. 1926: Menagerie zoo with sign bearer, dwarves, puppets, stilt men, driver, guards, zoo keeper.
rolled storage 106.4 Drawing 4, 10 Oct. 1926: Third band, introduction/Cinderella, heralds, Lord Chamberlain, vanguard, Prince under canopy.
rolled storage 106.5 Drawing 5, 11 Oct. 1926: Cinderella in her coach, rear guard, Stepmother, and Stepsisters.
framed item 106.1 Drawing 6, 12 Oct. 1926: Punch and Judy float, clowns, airplane float (drawing, 41 x 91 1/2 inches; frame, 48 x 96 inches).
rolled storage 106.6 Drawing 7, 13 Oct. 1926: Fourth band, Christmas tree float with snowball girls.
rolled storage 106.7 Drawing 8, 15 Oct. 1926: Christmas revelers, Santa Clause float, snowmen with signs “Follow the Parade to Macy’s,” mounted police.