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G. West & Son Photography Collection


G. West & Son

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the collection consists of two albumen prints by G. West & Son, each mounted on a page removed from a photo album. The pages contain three additional albumen prints by an unidentified photographer(s). Titles follow:

[Page 1] recto:
964:2007:0001 -- “Fleet at Portsmouth Saluting, 1889,” by G. West & Son;
[Page 1] verso:
964:2007:0002 -- “Salisbury Cathedral,” [1888?], by unidentified photographer(s);
[Page 2] recto:
964:2007:0003 -- “Salisbury Cathedral, 1888” by unidentified photographer(s);
964:2007:0004 -- “Salisbury Cathedral, 1888” by unidentified photographer(s);
[Page 2] verso:
964:2007:0005 -- “HMS Glatton, 1889,” by G. West & Son.

According to Gernsheim’s notes, the two photos by G. West & Son were taken in August of 1889 on the occassion of Kaiser Wilhelm II’s visit to England.

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F-G Box, Small (964:2007:0001, 0005)
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