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Gerard Manley Hopkins   1844-1889

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Oxford University Press acts on behalf of the principal copyright owners, who are the British Province of the Society of Jesus. Most of Hopkins' published work is subject to the British law of posthumous publication (copyright lasts 70 years from date of first publication). Thus, for example, poems first published in the first edition of 'Poems' (1918) are long out of copyright in the UK, and the additional poems in the second edition (1930) came out of copyright on 1 January 2001. Notebooks and letters first published at later dates are still copyright-protected, and unpublished writings remain in copyright in the UK until 1 January 2040. In the USA all Hopkins manuscripts are in the public domain, but certain posthumously published works may still be in copyright. From 2011, Gerard Manley Hopkins appears on the Estates page of the Peters Fraser & Dunlop website.

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