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La estética modernista como práctica de resistencia en A Portrait of the Artist as a Yo...
La Fortuna di Joyce in Italia: Saggio e bibliografia (1917-1972)
La literatura irlandesa en España
La recepción de James Joyce en la prensa española (1921-1976)
Labirynt i drzewo: studia nad Ulissesem Jamesa Joyce'a
Lacan and the Destiny of Literature: Desire, Jouissance and the Sinthome in Shakespeare...
Language and Responsibility
Language in Modern Literature: Innovation and Experiment
Language of Irish Literature
Language of James Joyce
Language of Modernism
Language of the Devil: Texture and Archetype in Finnegans Wake
Languages of Joyce: Selected Papers from the 11th International James Joyce Symposium, ...
Las poéticas de James Joyce y Luis Martín-Santos: aproximación a un estudio de deudas l...
Latin and Roman Culture in Joyce
Laurence Sterne in Modernism and Postmodernism
Le Donne di Giacomo: Il mondo femminile nella Trieste di James Joyce; The Female World ...
Le Gardien de mon frère
Le Gesta di Stephen
Le journal de Dublin
Le retour d'Abou el Haki
Lennox Robinson
Leopold Bloom: A Biography
Les Cahiers de l'Herne: James Joyce
Let Me Be Los: Codebook for Finnegans Wake
Let's All Chortle: A James Joyce Cartoonbook
Letters of James Joyce
Letters of James Joyce
Letters of James Joyce, Volumes II and III
Letters of Samuel Beckett: Volume I and Volume II
Letters of Samuel Beckett: Volume I, 1929-1940
Letters of Sylvia Beach
Lettres à Nora
Lettres Modernes
Lettres, II
Lettres, III
Lettres, IV
L'Exil de James Joyce, ou l'Art du Remplacement
L'Exil de James Joyce, ou, l'art du remplacement
L'Herne: James Joyce
Life Made Real: Characterization in the Novel Since Proust and Joyce
Life of Leopold Bloom: A Novel
Life of the Party: Festive Vision in Modern Fiction
Life: A User's Manual (La vie, mode d'emploi)
Light Rays: James Joyce and Modernism
Light, Freedom and Song: A Cultural History of Modern Irish Writing
Limits of Art, Vol. 3 - Goethe to Joyce
L'immagine epifanica: Hopkins, D'Annunzio, and Joyce: Momenti di una poetica
Linguistic Features of the Stream-of-Consciousness Techniques of James Joyce, Virginia ...
Linguistic Repetition as Theological Revelation in Christian Epic Tradition from Dante ...
Literary Dublin
Literary Guide to Ireland
Literary Impact of The Golden Bough
Literary Modernism and Beyond: The Extended Vision and the Realms of the Text
Literary Modernism and Musical Aesthetics: Pater, Pound, Joyce, and Stein
Literary Paths to Religious Understanding: Essays on Dryden, Pope, Keats, George Eliot,...
Literary Translation: Quest for Artistic Integrity
Literature of Ireland: Culture and Criticism
Litters from Aloft: Papers Delivered at the Second Canadian James Joyce Seminar, McMast...
Little Circle of Kindred Minds: Joyce in Paris
L'Oeuvre Ouverte
Look of Distance: Reflections on Suffering & Sympathy in Modern Literature--Auden to Ag...
Los Pasajes obscenos de Molly Bloom en español
Lost Notebook: New Evidence on the Genesis of Ulysses
Lots of Fun at Finnegans Wake: Unravelling Universals
"Lowman Catolick": Irish Roman Catholic Lore in James Joyce's Fiction
Lucia Joyce: Die Biographie der Tochter
Lucia Joyce: To Dance in the Wake