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Journal Titles

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Ibsen Studies
Ideas from the National Humanities Center
Ideologies and Literature: Journal of Hispanic and Lusophone Discourse Analysis
Il Cittadino
Il Confronto letterario
Il Contemporaneo
Il Convegno
Il Foglio
Il Lettore di Provincia
Il Manifesto
Il Manifesto: Alias
Il Matino
Il Mattino
Il Messaggero
Il nome nel testo
Il Piccolo
Il Piccolo Hans: rivista di analisi materialistica
Il Ponte
Il Secolo XIX
Il Sole
Il Tempo
Il Verri: Rivista di Letteratura
Il Vieusseux
Ilha do Desterro
Illustrated London News
In Other Words: The Journal for Literary Translators
In-Between: Essays and Studies in Literary Criticism
Independent (Dublin)
Independent Monthly
Independent on Sunday
Independent Shavian
Index on Censorship
Indian Journal of English Studies
Indiana Journal of Hispanic Literatures
Índice de artes y letras
Informaciones de las artes y las letras
Innervate: Leading Undergraduate Work in English Studies
Inostrannaia literatura
Inside Higher Ed
Intellectual Property Watch
Interdisciplinary Literary Studies
Interdisciplinary Literary Studies: A Journal of Criticism and Theory
Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment
International Fiction Review
International Herald Tribune
International Jazz Archives Journal
International Journal of Applied Linguistics & English Literature
International Journal of Comparative Literature & Translation Studies
International Journal of Cross-Cultural Studies and Environmental Communication
International Journal of Dravidian Linguistics
International Journal of English Language, Literature and Humanities
International Journal of Humanities and Social Science
International Journal of Psycho-Analysis
International Journal of the Classical Tradition
International Journal of the Humanities
INTI: Revista de literatura hispanica
Iowa Review
IP Law & Business
IP Magazine
IRAS: Internet Review Arno Schmidt
Ireland of the Welcomes
Ireland's Own
Irish America
Irish Arts Review
Irish Book Lover
Irish Book Review
Irish Bookman
Irish Economic and Social History
Irish Historical Studies
Irish Independent
Irish Journal of American Studies
Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine
Irish Literary Supplement
Irish Medical Times
Irish Migration Studies in Latin America
Irish Musical Studies
Irish Pages
Irish Press
Irish Renaissance Annual
Irish Review
Irish Slavonic Studies
Irish Statesman
Irish Studies
Irish Studies Review
Irish Theological Quarterly
Irish Times
Irish University Review
Irish Writing
Irland Almanach
irland journal
Irodalmi jelen
Irodalmi szemle
Iskusstvo Kino
Italia che scrive: Rassegna per coloro che leggono
ITL: Review of Applied Linguistics