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The James Joyce Checklist builds upon the printed lists featured in James Joyce Quarterly from 1963 to the present. While focusing on the secondary literature, it includes book reviews of critical works, editions of Joyce’s works, musical settings, adaptations, readings, parodies, and related miscellanea such as accounts of Bloomsday events and obituaries of Joycean critics. Formats include printed works, audiovisual materials, and websites. Works in several dozen languages are represented. Coverage is comprehensive dating back to 1996 and more selective for older materials. The Checklist includes complete retrospective coverage for most of the journals devoted to Joyce and most of the relevant books and edited collections published since the 1920s. The Checklist is updated quarterly with additional citations, links, and corrections.


The James Joyce Checklist is a collaborative effort of The Pennsylvania State University Libraries, James Joyce Quarterly at The University of Tulsa and the Harry Ransom Center at The University of Texas at Austin. It would not exist without the foundational work of Alan M. Cohn, Bibliographer of The James Joyce Quarterly from 1963 to 1989. Frequent contributors to the Quarterly’s Current JJ Checklist through the years, whose work has been essential to the present effort, include Kazuhiro Doki, Will Goodwin, Judith Harrington, K.P.S. Jochum, Jim LeBlanc, Friedhelm Rathjen, Fritz Senn, and Wolfgang Wicht. The research of graduate assistants Ryan Roberts, Christopher White, Lissette Szwydky, and Emily Sharpe has been invaluable. The Checklist website has been compiled and presented by:

  • William S. Brockman, editor
  • Christopher Jahnke, programmer
  • Aaron Zacks, web designer
  • Lan Zhang, developer