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New York Journal-American: An American Paper for the American People

Photographic Morgue

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ALERT: Portions of the New York Journal-American archive are temporarily closed for rehousing. Currently open are: Biographical Series, files A through E; Subject Series, files A through R; and all of the Geographical and Geographical--Greater New York Series.

The photographic morgue of the New York Journal-American is comprised, in part, of over 64,000 files of photographs compiled by Journal-American staff. This database provides access to these files, each of which contains one or more images of a given topic, be it a person, place, or thing. This search engine is NOT case sensitive, and partial words are acceptable.

You may also use the database to request prints that you wish to view in person in the Reading and Viewing Room. Because the collection is located off-site, you must make an appointment at least 24 hours in advance to view prints from the photographic morgue in the Reading and Viewing Room. To make an appointment, please contact Photography Collection staff. When you request materials to view in person, you will be prompted to log in to your research account.

For an overview of the collection, please refer to the finding aid.

To view a selection of photographs from the collection, please see the image gallery.



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