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Lamport, Blakeman and LawLamport, Blakeman and Law was a firm of schoolbook publishers and book distributors in New York. In 1853 the firm was purchased by Smith Sheldon and renamed Sheldon, Lamport and Blakeman (later Sheldon and Company). See the FOB entry for Sheldon and Company and 'Dictionary of Literary Biography' 49 (1986), p. 420.2009
Lamson, Wolffe and CompanyThe publishing firm of Lamson, Wolffe and Company was founded in Boston in 1895 by E. R. Lamson and W. B. Wolffe. The firm went out of business in 1899. See 'Dictionary of Literary Biography' 49 (1986), p. 245.2009
Lancer BooksLancer Books was established in New York in 1961, as a subsidiary of Magnum Communications Corporation. Its founding principals were Irwin Stein and Walter Zacharius. In 1973 the firm entered into complex legal proceedings and went out of business. See 'Dictionary of Literary Biography' 46 (1986), pp. 209-210. Magnum Communications Corporation subsequently had a remarkably varied corporate history under the successive names of Vacation Ownership Marketing; Capital Solutions I; and Fuda Faucet Works. Walter Zacharius went on to become the founder of Kensington Books in 1974 -
Larson Learning, Inc.The mathematics publishing firm of Larson Learning, Inc. was acquired by Houghton Mifflin in 2005. See
Laurence Pollinger LtdLaurence Pollinger Ltd was one of the successor firms to Pearn, Pollinger & Higham (q.v.). Laurence Pollinger Ltd was renamed Pollinger Ltd, and in 2014 it was purchased by Peters Fraser & Dunlop. See 2023
Lawrence Hill & Co. PublishersLawrence Hill founded his own publishing firm in 1972, shortly after the sale of his previous firm, Hill & Wang (q.v.). He continued publishing until his death in 1988. After his death the firm became part of Chicago Review Press, where the imprint Lawrence Hill Books is still used. See
LawtelLawtel was acquired by Sweet & Maxwell in 2002. See the FOB entry for Sweet & Maxwell, which is now part of Thomson Legal & Regulatory; and
Leader Publishing GroupIn 2007 the Leader Publishing Group of Atlanta was purchased by Trans World Publishing of Atlanta (unrelated to the Transworld publishing firm owned by Bertelsmann). Trans World Publishing is an affiliate of Billian Publishing of Atlanta. See
Learning CompanyThe Learning Company is a specialist software firm which was acquired by Riverdeep in 2001. See the FOB entry for Riverdeep, which indicates that the firm is now part of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. See
Lectorum PublicationsLectorum Publications was founded in New York as a US distributor of books in Spanish for schools and libraries. In 1996 the firm was acquired by Scholastic, Inc. See

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