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Lee and ShepardThe publishing firm of Lee and Shepard was founded in Boston in 1862 by William Lee and Charles A. B. Shepard. In 1904 the firm purchased the bankrupt Lothrop Publishing and became Lothrop, Lee and Shepard. See 'Dictionary of Literary Biography' 49 (1986), pp. 250-252, and see the FOB entry for Lothrop, Lee and Shepard, which indicates that the firm is now owned by the HarperCollins division of News Corporation.2009
Lemon, Unna & DurbridgeThe literary agency Lemon, Unna & Durbridge was incorporated by its founder Stephen Durbridge into the agency called The Agency in 1995. See
Leo Feist Inc.The music publishing firm of Leo Feist Inc. was founded by Leo Feist (1869-1930). In 1939 Leo Feist Inc. became part of the Big 3 Music Corporation, which in turn became part of United Artists in 1973. See 'Music printing and publishing' / edited by D. W. Krummel and Stanley Sadie (1990) and
Leonard SmithersLeonard Smithers began publishing around 1890. Partly because of his generosity towards his authors (including Oscar Wilde and Aubrey Beardsley), Smithers was declared bankrupt in 1900. Legally his firm went out of existence at that time, although Smithers continued to issue pirated works until his death in 1907.2006
Lepus BooksLepus Books was purchased by EP Publishing in 1981 and became an EP Publishing imprint. EP Publishing was purchased by A. & C. Black Publishers Ltd in 1983. A. & C. Black is still trading under its own name (see, but is owned by Bloomsbury Publishing.2007
Lexington BooksThe publishing firm of Lexington Books was founded by D. C. Heath in 1970. The firm was subsequently acquired by Jossey-Bass and sold by them to the Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group in 1998. See
Libraries UnlimitedThe publishing firm of Libraries Unlimited was founded in Boulder, Colorado in 1964. In 2001 Libraries Unlimited was acquired by Greenwood Publishing Group, then part of Reed Elsevier. See the FOB entry for the Greenwood Publishing Group which indicates that from 2008 it is part of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. See;; and
Limited Editions Club 1-212-737-76002021
Lincoln and EdmandsThe printing and publishing firm of Lincoln and Edmands was founded in Boston in 1805 by Ensign Lincoln and Thomas Edmands. The firm went out of business in 1833. See 'Dictionary of Literary Biography' 49 (1986), p. 259.2009
Link House BooksLink House Books was the parent company of a number of other publishers, including Blandford Press. In the mid-1980s, Link House Books was purchased first by United Newspapers and then by Cassell. Cassell was purchased by Hachette in 1998, and subsequently divided. See the FOB entry for Cassell.2007

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