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HRC 29 Tegernsee miscellany. Germany: between 1000 and 1050. 103 leaves: parchment, 220 x 164 mm. Written in Latin, Caroline minuscule script. Layout is 24-26 long lines (fol. 1-31v); 2 columns of 24-26 lines (from fol. 31). Decoration includes two 5-line decorated initials, two 4-line initials, forty-three miniatures of constellations. Contents include: 1. fol. 1r-12r: Bede (673-735). Excerptum Bede de naturali historia Plinii; 2. fol. 12v-25r: Plato (ca. 429-347 BCE). Timaeus and notated verse. Letter of Chalcidius to Osius and Part 1 only; fol. 25r concludes with further medical recipes [possibly in different hand?]; 3. fol. 25v-26r: Excerptum de Astrologia Arati; 4. fol. 26v-31r: Description of Constellations; 5. fol. 31v: Ausonius (310-395). Verse: Ad boree partes arcti vertuntur et anguis. Post has artofilax pariterque corona genuque… ; 6. fol. 32r-99r: Festus, Sextus Pompeius (2nd century). De verborum significatione (excerpts); 7. fol. 99v-100v: Pseudo-Jerome. Letter, Jerome to Dardanus on types of music (spurious); 8. fol. 101r-end: Berno of Reichenau. Sciendum sane est, et omnibus orthodoxis fidelibus memoriter retinendum… . Binding: Bound in 15th century pink-stained (now faded) alum tawed calfskin over wood boards (possibly reused); four metal bosses on each cover, closed by a single strap and pin fastening on the upper cover. Contemporary manuscript title label on upper front cover and post-medieval pressmark on lower front cover. Provenance: Copied in part by Abbot Ellinger of Tegernsee (975/980-1056), inscription "Abbas indignus ego Ellinger peccator istam glosam scripsi dum essem in Altahensi monasterio" (fol. 103v) and a cipher for "Ellinger scripsit istam glossam" (fol. 32r); Charles Chardin, Paris, sale February 1824, no. 770[?]; Sir Thomas Phillipps (1792-1872), no. 816; Sotheby's, London, sale 28 November 1967: "Bibliotheca Phillippica. Medieval Manuscripts: New Series: Third Part. Catalogue of Forty-Two Manuscripts of the 7th to the 17th Century… "; acquired by the Ransom Center in 1968 (R4032) through the New York bookseller Lew David Feldman (House of El Dieff). Use: Restricted from reading room and classroom use due to condition; curatorial approval required. Facsimile: Complete digital facsimile available. Information folder: Yes


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