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Reviewed Titles

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Padraic Colum: A Biographical-Critical Introduction
Palgrave Advances in James Joyce Studies
Palimpsestes: La littérature au second degré
Papers on Joyce
Paperspace: Style as Ideology in Joyce's Ulysses
Paradoxical Resolutions: American Fiction since James Joyce
Paradoxy of Modernism
Parnell in Progress: Der Funktionswandel des Parnell-Themas in Joyce's Oeuvre
Parnell Myth and Irish Politics, 1891-1956
Party Pieces: Oral Storytelling and Social Performance in Joyce and Beckett
Passages from Finnegans Wake by James Joyce: A Free Adaptation for the Theater
Passages from James Joyce's Finnegans Wake
Passion for Joyce: The Letters of Hugh Kenner & Adaline Glasheen
Pathologies of Desire: The Vicissitudes of the Self in James Joyce's A Portrait of the ...
Patriarchy and Incest from Shakespeare to Joyce
Peculiar Language: Literature as Difference from the Renaissance to James Joyce
Pedagogy, Praxis, Ulysses: Using Joyce's Text to Transform the Classroom
Penetration of Exiles
Physiology and the Literary Imagination: Romantic to Modern
Picking Up Airs: Hearing the Music in Joyce's Text
Pieces on Joyce
P'inegan ui kyongya
Po(e)mi un soldo l'uno
Poemas de James Joyce
Poemas manzanas
Poems and Exiles
Poems and Shorter Writings: Including Epiphanies, Giacomo Joyce and "A Portrait of the ...
Poems in Verse and Prose
Poems of James Joyce and the Use of Poems in His Novels
Poetry of James Joyce Reconsidered
Poet's Country: Selected Prose
Point of View and Expressive Form in James Joyce's Ulysses
Political Monsters and Democratic Imagination: Spinoza, Blake, Hugo, Joyce
Politics and the Irish working Class, 1830-1945
Politics of Narration: James Joyce, William Faulkner, and Virginia Woolf
Polyglot Joyce: Fictions of Translation
Polymorphic Joyce
Pomes for James Joyce
Pomes Penyeach
Pomi un penny l’uno. Poesie una pena l’una
Poor Bugger's Tool: Irish Modernism, Queer Labor, and Postcolonial History
Portable James Joyce
Portrait de l'artiste en jeune homme
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: Authoritative Text, Backgrounds and Contexts, Cr...
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: Complete, Authoritative Text with Biographical a...
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: Voices of the Text
Portrait of the Artist in Different Perspective
Portrait of the Artist: Voices of the Text
Portrait of the Author as a Young Man
Portraits of the Artist in Exile: Recollections of James Joyce by Europeans
Portret al artistului la tinereţe
Portret artysty w wieku młodzieńczym
Portrét umelce v jinošských letech
Post-Structuralist Joyce: Essays from the French
Pound Era
Pound/ Joyce: Lettres d'Ezra Pound à James Joyce; avec les essais de Pound sur Joyce
Pound/ Joyce: The Letters of Ezra Pound to James Joyce, with Pound's Essays on Joyce
Practising Postmodernism, Reading Modernism
Preface to James Joyce
Problem with Pleasure: Modernism and Its Discontents
Problems and Poetics of the Nonaristotelian Novel
Professional Literary Agent in Britain, 1880-1920
Prosaic Desires: Modernist Knowledge, Boredom, Laughter, and Anticipation
Prose Elegy: An Exploration of Modern American and British Fiction
Prose of the World: Modernism and the Banality of Empire
Proust and Joyce in Dialogue
Proust, Mann, Joyce in the Modernist Context
Proust, Musil, Joyce: zum Verhältnis von Literatur und Gesellschaft am Paradigma des Zi...
Pruning the Genealogical Tree: Procreation in Literature, Law, and Religion
Public Face of Modernism: Little Magazines, Audiences, and Reception, 1905-1920
Public Works: Infrastructure, Irish Modernism, and the Postcolonial
Publisher's Paradise: Expatriate Literary Culture in Paris, 1890-1960
Puritanism and Modernist Novels: From Moral Character to the Ethical Self