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Literary File Name Description No. of Items No. of Boxes No. of Albums Locations                            
Dahlberg, Edward, 1900-1977 See additional collection description. 36   PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Large
d'Alberti, CaptainCabinet card portrait by John Robert Hanna signed "Cap. d'Alberty" (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Dana, Charles A. (Charles Anderson), 1819-1897Cartes-de-visite portraits of Charles A. Dana (P1-P2). Identified photographer: Matthew Brady (P1). 2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Daniels, Alexander ReesePortrait of A. R. (Dixie) Daniels, 1906 (P1); snapshot of A. R. Daniels, holding a stringer of fish, with unidentified woman (P2).2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Dannay, Frederic, 1905-1982 Olivier Sechan and Igor B. Maslowski, photograph by Associated Press, with AP clipping (French language) adhered to verso (P1); Dannay alone and with an unidentified woman standing next to display cases filled with books on or by E. A. Poe (P2-P4); partial roll (5 frames only) of b/w 120mm film for images in P2-P4 (P5); partial roll (3 frames only) of b/w 120mm film of a display of books from the Ellery Queen Collection at the HRC (P6).6    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Darantière, Maurice"Darantière and Edward G. Robinson" (P1); "Interior of Paris house of Maurice Darantière (L'Hôtel Mansard de Sagonne)" by Rémy Duval (P2A-P2B; P2B is oversize); "One of Maurice Darantière's type specimen books" photo also by Rémy Duval.4    PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Small
Darwin, Charles, 1809-1882Photographic postcard portrait of Charles Darwin by J. Bragles & Co. (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Davies, BevanPortrait of Bevan Davies (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Davies, Rhys, 1903- Portraits of Rhys Davies (P1-P3, P4A-P4B, P5A-P5B, P6A-P6B, P7-P9; with P6A-P6B being two copies of the same image). Identified photographers include: Julian Sheppard (P7); Owen Thomas (P5A-P5B, P9); and Thomson Organisation (P8). 12   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Davies, W. H. (William Henry), 1871-1940 Portrait of W. H. Davies by Alvin Langdon Coburn; mounted photogravure, removed from More Men of Mark, 1922 (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Davis, Clare Ogden, b. 1892Photo of Mrs. Davis by New York Times Studio, 1929 (2002:0037:0001).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Davis, H. L. (Harold Lenoir), 1896-1960 See additional collection description.45    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Davis, HalMounted portrait of Hal Davis by Marceau of Boston; signed "Sincerely yours / Hal Davis" (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Davis, J. Frank (James Francis), 1870-1942Chiefly images of J. Frank Davis and/or San Antonio, Texas, including the Alamo, Kelly Field, and a flight formation over Randolph Field (P1-P11); P3 is a Davis family group portrait, circa 1900(?); P4 is a series of four images of a woman, mounted under glass. Identified photographers include: J. W. Cones (P1); Smith's Hollywood Studio (P7); U.S. Army Air Corps, 20th Photo Section (P9-P11); and Walter A. Scott (P8).11   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Davis, Richard Harding, 1864-1916 Cabinet card portrait, by Pach Brothers, of Richard Harding Davis; signed (P1); and photomechanical reproduction of portrait of R. H. Davis, also by Pach Brothers (999:0036:0004). 2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Day Lewis, C. (Cecil), 1904-1972 Portrait of Cecil Day Lewis by Douglas Glass (from The Sunday Times Portrait Gallery); mounted on board; mount inscribed: "C. Day Lewis" (2002:0067:0001).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
De Filippo, Eduardo, 1900- Portraits of Eduardo De Filippo by Foto Ruggieri [of] Naples (P1-P3).3   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
De Jong, Meindert, 1910- Promotional portrait of Meindert DeJong by Marvin Lanninga, from the National Book Awards 1969 press kit (997:0105:0153).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
De la Mare, Walter, 1873-1956Portrait of Walter De La Mare by Douglas Glass; photomechanical reproduction, mounted on board (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Dean, Eva E.Portrait of Eva E. Dean (997:0079:0067). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
DeGolyer, E. (Everette), 1886-1956 Portrait of Dr. Everette DeGolyer (formerly "distinguished Professor in the Dept. of Geology, Univ. of Texas"), by Chase Studios of New York (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Delville, Jean, 1867- Photographic reproduction of Jean Delville's painting, "L'Amour des Amis" (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Derain, Andre, 1880-1954See finding aid for Lake, Carlton. 1    
Derwent, George Harcourt Johnstone, Baron, 1899-1949Portrait of G. H. Johnstone, Lord Derwent (997:0105:0205) by Bert Sabourin.1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Des Ombiaux, Maurice, 1868-1943Portrait of Maurice des Ombiaux by P. Choumoff [i.e. Petr Ivanovich Shumov, 1872-1936] (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Deverell, W. H. (Walter Howell), 1827-1854Photomechanical reproduction of a drawing of Walter Howell Deverell (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Devonshire, Spencer Compton Cavendish, Duke of 1833-1908Cabinet card portrait, identified on mount recto as "Rt. Hon. Lord Hartington" (i.e. Spencer Compton Cavendish, Duke of Devonshire) by Alexander Bassano (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Dewey, George, 1837-1917Mounted portrait of Rear-Admiral George Dewey, Commander-in-Chief of the Asiatic Station of the United States Navy, by C. M. (Charles Milton) Bell (957:0022:0001).1   PH:LF:OV Box, Large
Dick, KayPortraits of Kay Dick (P1-P2, P3A-P3B). Identified photographers include: Hans Beacham (P1); and Helen Craig (P3A-P3B).4   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870 See additional collection description. 39   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Dickens-Irving Centenary"Dickens Christmas Dinner / Dickens-Irving Centenary / 1838-1938 / Hotel Astor / Dec. 20, 1937" photographed by Empire Photographers; oversize photographic print approx. 26 x 52 cm., mounted on board 28 x 52 cm. (P1).1   PH:LF:OV Box, Large
Dimnet, Ernest, 1866-1954 Photograph of a building exterior (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Dobie, J. Frank (James Frank), 1888-1964See additional collection description. 3,90013  PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Small;
PH:LF:OV Box, Medium;
PH:LF:OV Box, Large;
PH:LF:Cased Images Boxes;
NV:LF Boxes
Dobson, Austin, 1840-1921 Austin Dobson and his family (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Dobson, Henry Austin--See Dobson, Austin, 1840-1921       
Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge, 1832-1898 See additional collection description.
See also Charles L. Dodgson (Lewis Carrol) loose print Collection, which includes items from Gernsheim Collection and HRC Photography Collection.
48    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Donleavy, J. P. (James Patrick), 1926- Two identical portraits of Donleavy (P1-P2).2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Doolittle, Hilda--See H. D. (Hilda Doolittle), 1886-1961        
Dorn, Edward Portrait of Edward Dorn (997:0105:0094). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Doughty, Charles Montagu, 1843-1926 Group portrait of scholars and foreign dignitaries, presented to Sydney C. Cockerell by Professor Brown (P1); portrait of the Doughty family (P2).2    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Douglas, Alfred Bruce, Lord, 1870-1945Portrait photo of Lord Alfred Douglas, by International News Photos (i.e. United Press International) (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Douglas, Norman, 1868-1952 See additional collection description. 92  2PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
NV:LF Boxes
Downing, RobertPortraits and snapshots (negatives) of Robert Downing (P1-P2, P4; with P2 including his cat, Ginger); four color transparencies of Downing (P3A-P3B, 2 images each); four negatives of Downing and an unidentified woman standing in front of billboards for Around We Go, at the Playhouse Theater, Houston, Texas (P5). 6   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir, 1859-1930 See additional collection description.804 58 PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Small;
PH:LF:OV Box, Medium;
Doyle, Richard, 1824-1883Carte-de-visite portrait of Richard Doyle by John & Charles Watkins (988:0122:0001).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Drake Bookshop--See James F. Drake, Inc.        
Drake, James F. (James Frederick), 1863-1933--See James F. Drake, Inc.       
Dreiser, Theodore, 1871-1945Images of or related to Theodore Dreiser (P1-P3; 985:0018:0001-0036). Identified photographers include: R. Clement (P2); Colgrove (985:0018:0011); Gorky Institute of Foreign Literature (985:0018:0004-0008, 0026); Lotte Jacobi (985:0018:0022-0023); Consuelo Kanaga (985:0018:0030); Tibbetts (985:0018:0002-0003); and Carl Van Vechten (P3).39    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Drewry, A. HillSmall portrait of an unidentified man (997:0079:0038). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Drinkwater, John, 1882-1937Portrait of an actor dressed as Oliver Cromwell (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Dudevant, Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin, 1804-1876.--See Sand, George, 1804-1876        
Dueñas, GuadalupePortrait of Guadalupe Dueñas by Hans Beacham (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Dujardin, Edouard, 1861-1949 See additional collection description. 70  1PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Dulac, Edmund, 1882-1953Mounted photogravure portrait of Edmund Dulac by Alvin Langdon Coburn; removed from More Men of Mark, 1922 (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Dulles, John Foster--See HRC-P Discrete Collection 145        
Dumas, Alexandre, 1802-1870Portrait of Alexandre Dumas, père; presentation copy to "Monsieur Alfred Crowquill" (P1); and a photographic reproduction of a handbill or page from a newspaper, with a portrait of "Alexandre Dumas père" in the center of the layout (997:0079:0074).2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Dumas, Alexandre, 1824-1895 Carte-de-visite portrait of "Alexander Dumas, Jr." by E. B. (Emery B.) Fay (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Duncan, Ronald Frederick Henry, 1914- Portrait of Duncan by Nicholas Elder (P1); and images (color) from a production of the play The Death of Satan, 1957 (P2-P7).7    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Dunoyer de Segonzac, André, 1884-1974Portrait of André Dunoyer de Segonzac in military uniform, World War I (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Dunsany, Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, Baron, 1878-1957 Portrait of Lord Dunsany by Eugene Hutchinson; autographed presentation from Dunsany "To my friend James B. Pond."; handwritten beneath photographer's signature, on image recto: "1919" (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Duparc, Henri, 1848-1933See finding aid for Lake, Carlton.1    
Durrell, LawrencePhotographic reproduction of a painting by Durrell (P1); miscellaneous stills, by Desmond Tripp, from an unnamed play (P2-P13).13   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Dutcher, William, 1846-1920Portrait of "William Dutcher, founder and first president of [the] National Audubon Society" (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Duvall, ElgaSnapshot (color) of Elga Duval kissing one of several drawings on a wall; autographed on verso: "A few vamps for Andy from the Madame of them all. Elga Duvall. 1969" (980:0043:0009). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Eastlake, WilliamPromotional portrait of William Eastlake (P1); and promotional photograph of book jacket design for Castle Keep (P2). 2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Ediciones El Corno EmplumadoPortraits and snapshots of people, and some art reproductions; forms part of the archive of the Mexican publishing firm, Ediciones El Corno Emplumado (988:0036:0001-0040). Identified photographers include: DeWitt S. Davidson (988:0036:0039); O. E. Nelson (988:0036:0026, 0031); and W. Roy Watson (988:0036:0040)39   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Edison, Thomas A. (Thomas Alva), 1847-1931 Portrait of Thomas A. Edison, autographed presentation to John W. Milford, dated 29 Nov. 1929 (997:0105:0500); and photograph of Edison and Henry Ford inscribing their names on the first two planks removed from Edison's original lamp factory (marking the 50th anniversary of Edison's invention of the incandescent lamp) as John W. Milford looks on at right (997:0105:0501).2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Edwards, JorgePortrait of Jorge Edwards, by Carole Patterson (997:0079:0011).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Einstein, Albert, 1879-1955Portraits of Einstein and others (P1-P4): P1 is Einstein alone (matted, housed in Small OV Box); P2 is with Maurice Solovine; P3 is with Solovine and Conrad Habicht; and P4 is a photograph of a sculptured memorial by Robert Berks to Einstein. Identified photographers include: Trude Fleischmann (P1); Genia Reinberg (P2); and Emil Vollennweider (P3).4   PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Small
El Corno Emplumado (Firm)--See Ediciones El Corno Emplumado       
Eliot, George, 1819-1880Portrait (photographic postcard) of George Eliot (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Eliot, T. S. (Thomas Stearns), 1888-1965 See additional collection description.30    PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Small;
PH:LF:OV Box, Medium
Elliot, Frances, 1820-1898 Postcard of the Hotel Bristol, in Switzerland (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Elliot, George--See Elliott, George P., 1918-        
Elliott, George P., 1918- Portraits of George P. Elliott (P1-P11). Identified photographer: Dorothea Lange (P9-P10).11    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Elliott, Lawrence C.Cabinet card portraits, by J. J. LeFan of Greenville, Tex., of L. C. Elliott, as a child with his mother (P1), and with a woman identified as "Ruby" (P2); also a 6" x 4" portrait of two unidentified people (P3). 3   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Ellis, Havelock, 1859-1939Portrait of Havelock Ellis; with illegible autograph (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Ellman, Richard, 1918- --See Joyce, James, 1882-1941       
Elman, Richard M.Portrait of Richard M. Elman by Lida Moser (997:0079:0131). 1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Eluard, Paul, 1895-1952Photographic reproduction of a drawn portrait of a man (Eluard?) (997:0105:0453).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 1803-1882 Small, matted portrait of Ralph Waldo Emerson, with facsimile signature; photographer: Mason (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Emett, Rowland, 1906- Portrait of Rowland Emett by Hans Beacham (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Emly, William Monsell, 1st baron--See Monsell, William, 1812-1894        
English, Isobel Portrait of Isobel English seated on a sofa by Helen Craig (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Epstein, JacobMounted photogravure of Sir Jacob Epstein, by Alvin Langdon Coburn, removed from More Men of Mark, 1922 (P1); and a small portrait of Epstein, by C. J. Phillips in a presentation folder with handwritten inscription: "To Alfred and Rae Goldsmith [...]" (997:0105:0365). 2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Ernst, Morris Leopold, 1888- See additional collection description. 11412 PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Large
Esterline, Blackburn Portrait of Esterline; autographed presentation to Mrs. Raleigh, Chicago, Dec. 1, 1907 (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Evans, Dorothy F. AtkinsonPortrait of Dorothy F. Atkinson Evans (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Everson, William, 1912- Images of or related to Brother Antonius [i.e. William Everson] by Jeff Lovelace, 1969. Included are two portraits (P1-P2), a portrait of his hands only (P4), a view of him standing at a pulpit (P3), and an interior view of a church (P5). A dealer's description adhered to the verso of P3 notes that these photographs are one of a limited edition of five sets, and that Lovelace destroyed the original negatives.5    PH:LF:OV Box, Large
Fairfax, J. Griffyth (James Griffyth) See additional collection description.172 12 PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
Fairfield, Cicily Isabel--See West, Rebecca, Dame       
Farrell, KathleenSmall portraits of Kathleen Farrell by Helen Craig (P1-P2); depicted with her dogs in P2. 2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Fass, John S. (John Stroble), b. 1890 Portrait of John Fass; handwritten on image verso: "of The Hammer Creek Press" (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Faulk, John HenryPortrait of John Henry Faulk in western attire by White Studio of Passaic, N.J.; autograph presentation: "For my Dear Willards, with memories of my cowboy days in our South Austin Cowlot / Johnny" (P1). Oversize portrait of Faulk, circa 1950s (P2).2    PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Small
Faulkner, William, 1897-1962 See additional collection description. 37   PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Small;
Fauré, Gabriel, 1845-1924 See finding aid for Lake, Carlton.      
Fawcett, Edgar, 1847-1904Cabinet card portrait of "Prof. [Edgar] Fawcett" by Alexander Bassano (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Fenollosa, Mary McNeil Photomechanical reproduction of a portrait of Mary McNeil Fenollosa (Sidney McCall), from: "Portrait series no. 244 / The Book News Monthly / January, 1907" (999:0036:0005). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Ferber, Edna, 1887-1968Portrait of Edna Ferber by Carl Van Vechten (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Ferguson, J. De Lancey (John De Lancey), 1888- Mounted photogravure of "J. D. Fergusson" [i.e., Ferguson] by Alvin Langdon Coburn; removed from More Men of Mark, 1922 (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Ferlinghetti, LawrencePublicity portrait of Lawrence Ferlinghetti by Miriam Berkley (997:0079:0096).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Field, Eugene, 1850-1895 See additional collection description. 24   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Fielding, MelColor snapshots of a couple and their children on a beach vacation (980:0043:0001-0008). 8   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Fillippo, Eduardo de--See De Filippo, Eduardo, 1900-        
Finley, William L. (William Lovell), 1876-1953William Finley and a young condor photographed by Irene Finley (P1); unidentified men climbing a mountain photographed by William Finley (P2); and a side view of a condor (P3).3    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Firbank, Ronald, 1886-1926Photographic reproduction of text and sketches on a page from Firbank's notebook (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Fisher, Dorothy Canfield, 1879-1958Publicity portrait of Dorothy Canfield by Eric Schaal (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Fisher, Vardis, 1895-1968Portraits of Vardis Fisher by Caxton Printers (P1-P3).3    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Fitzgerald, Barry, 1888-1961Signed presentation portrait of Barry Fitzgerald to "Jake" (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
FitzGerald, Edward, 1809-1883 Photographic reproductions of an autograph presentation note in the book from which this was withdrawn: Rossetti, Christina. Goblin Market and Other Poems. Cambridge, 1862 (997:0079:0034-0035).2    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Fitzgerald, F. Scott (Francis Scott), 1896-1940Portraits of F. Scott Fitzgerald by Carl Van Vechten (P1A-P1C; P1A and P1C are 2 copies of the same image). 3   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
FitzGibbon, Constantine, 1919- See additional collection description. 861  PH:LF:Large Alphabet
Flaubert, Gustave, 1821-1880Cabinet card portrait of Gustave Flaubert by Paul Nadar (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Flecker, Herman (James) E.--See Flecker, James Elroy, 1884-1915       
Flecker, James Elroy, 1884-1915Photographic reproduction of an 1898 photograph of Flecker at age 8 (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Fleming, John, 1919- Image of John Fleming autographing a book; signed presentation to "Bill Targ - from his friend John Fleming" (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Fletcher, John Gould, 1886-1950 Portrait of John Gould Fletcher by Field (P1); snapshot of the exterior of "Trevelyan Library" (P2).2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Flint, F. S. (Frank Stewart), 1885- Portrait of F. S. Flint; signed presentation to Glenn Hughes from F. S. Flint, 6 May 1929 (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Foch, Ferdinand, 1851-1929Mounted photogravure portrait of "Marshal Foch," by Alvin Langdon Coburn removed from More Men of Mark, 1922 (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Footner, Hulbert, 1879-1944Snapshot of a man in swimming trunks (997:0105:0072).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Ford Peaceship--See Henry Ford Peace Expedition (1915-1916)        
Ford, Charles Henri See additional collection description. 62   PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Small;
NV:LF Boxes
Ford, Ford Madox, 1873-1939Photographic reproduction of George T. Hartmann's painted portrait of Ford Madox Ford by Helga Photo Studio (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Foreign Press Service Photographs from the Arthur Livingston Papers See additional collection description. 891  PH:LF:Large Alphabet
Forester, C. S. (Cecil Scott), 1899-1966 See additional collection description. 1,30816 PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
NV:LF Boxes
Forster, E. M. (Edward Morgan), 1879-1970 Portraits of E. M. Forster (997:0003:0001-0004; 997:0105:0454), with Bob Buckingham (997:0003:0001). Identified photographer: George Platt Lynes (997:0003:0001-0004).5   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Foss, Sam Walter, 1858-1911Snapshot (faded, with horizontal crease across center) of a man seated in a lawn chair (997:0079:0137). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Foster, Myles Birket, 1825-1899 Carte-de-visite portrait of Birket Foster by Cundall, Downes and Company (997:0079:0039). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Fox, George Lafayette, 1825-1877Cabinet card portrait by J. Gurney & Son, of "G. L. Fox as ?Humpty Dumpty' / Died in 1875" (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Fox-Lockert, Lucia, 1928- Small portrait of Lucia Fox as a young woman (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
France, Anatole, 1844-1924Mounted photogravure portrait of Anatole France by Alvin Langdon Coburn removed from More Men of Mark, 1922 (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Frank, Bruno, 1887-1945Multiple copies of 3 publicity portraits of Bruno Frank, for Alfred A. Knopf, publisher. P1A-P1F and P2A-P2D are two photographic portraits; P3A-P3G are photographic reproductions of a drawn portrait. 17   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Frank, Gerold, 1907- Photograph of a book display (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Frank, Waldo David, 1889-1967 Publicity portrait of Waldo Frank (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790Color transparency series, titled "Ben Franklin in Sweden," illustrating the impact on 20th-century Sweden of a commercial treaty, negotiated by Benjamin Franklin, between the U.S. and Sweden (P1-P65; with P3-P4 as images of Franklin; P6-P7 probable images of treaty; P64 "Produced by the Swedish Information Service"; P65 is a 35mm color filmstrip of the images in P1-P64 and is housed separately). 65   PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
PH:LF:Artifacts Box
Frantz, O.Formal portrait, mounted in folder, of a man (O. Frantz?) by Jannet, 1907 (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Freeman, Edward Augustus, 1823-1892Albumen portrait of E. A. Freeman by Elliott & Fry (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Frémont, John Charles, 1813-1890 Carte-de-visite portrait of J. C. Frémont by Mathew B. Brady (P1); carte-de-visite portrait of Lily Frémont by J. A. (John A.) Scholten, inscribed: "for Mr. Harte" (P2); carte-de-visite portrait of "Mrs. Fremont" by Lawrence & Houseworth (P3); and a cabinet card portrait of Jessie Benton Frémont by William Kurtz (P4). 4   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Frost, Robert, 1874-1963 See additional collection description. 18   PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Medium
Froude, James Anthony, 1818-1894 Carte-de-visite portrait of Froude by Napoleon Sarony (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Fruntz, O.--See Frantz, O.       
Fry, Christopher, 1907- See additional collection description.931  PH:LF:Large Alphabet
Fuller, R. Buckminster (Richard Buckminster), 1895- Portrait of R. Buckminster Fuller by Samuel Kravitt (P1). 1   PH:LF:OV Box, Medium
Furniss, Harry, 1854-1925Autographed, cabinet card portrait of Harry Furniss (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Furnivall, Frederick James, 1825-1910Photomechanical reproduction of a portrait of F. J. Furnivall by Jacob Blechinger, 1889 (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Furphy, Joseph, 1843-1912Copy print of old photographic portrait; handwritten on verso: Joseph Furphy (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Galsworthy, John, 1867-1933Mounted portrait of John Galsworthy (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Gandhi, Mahatma, 1869-1948 Autographed, mounted portrait of Mahatma Gandhi, 1929 (P1); and a snapshot of Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru (P2).2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Gandhi, Mohandas Karamchand--See Gandhi, Mahatma, 1869-1948        
Garcia Lorca, Federico, 1898-1936Two snapshots of Federico Garcia Lorca and others (one with Luis Buñuel); six photographic reproductions of caricatures of Garcia Lorca and friends: Buñuel, Dalí, Abril, and Ventura (980:0062:0001-0008). 8   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Gardner, Erle StanleySee additional collection description.33,88734 16PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Small;
PH:LF:OV Box, Large;
NV:LF Boxes
Garnett, David, 1892- Portraits of David Garnett (P1-P7); with Lionel Trilling, Frederick J. Hoffman, Horace Gregory, and others at a University of Texas symposium (P8-P9); Edward Garnett (David's father) in 1928 (P11); and Constance Garnett, David's mother (P12). Identified photographers include: Walter Barnes (P1-P2); Hans Beacham (P7); Lucilla Sherrard (P4); and United Press International (P5-P6). 11   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Garnett, Edward, 1868-1937Snapshots relating to Edward Garnett (P4-P15). Depicted are R. B. (Robert Bontine) Cunninghame Graham, a.k.a "Dr. Roberto"; a train station marked "Guillermo Enrique Hudson" (i.e., William Henry Hudson); a group of mostly unidentified people; the tombstone of Caroline and Daniel Hudson in Chacant Cemetery, Buenos Aires, 1934; and a snapshot of the House of the Twenty-five Timbers (?). Identified photographer: the Buenos Aires Herald (P6-P7).15    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Garnett, Richard, 1835-1906 See additional collection description.15    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Garrett, George P., 1929- Portrait of George P. Garrett (997:0079:0132).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Garrett, J. O. (James Oscar)Formal portrait; handwritten on verso: "J. O. Garrett / Stephenville / Texas" (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Garvin, J. L. (James Louis), 1868-1947 See additional collection description. 36   PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Large
Gassner, John, 1903-1967Scene from a production of "Uncle Vanya" (982:0014:0009); 1972 portrait of Mordecai Gorelik signed "To Mollie Gassner / with affectionate regards / and all best wishes, / Max," by P. R. Hendren (982:0014:0010).2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Gathorne-Hardy, Robert, 1902- Copy print of a photographic portrait of Logan Pearsall Smith, on which is handwritten: "J'accuse!! L.P.S. 1944" (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Gaudier-Brzeska, Henri, 1891-1915 Photographic reproductions of art (P1-P35, with P1-P18 being of sculpture, and P19-35 being chiefly of drawings and sketches by Gaudier-Brzeska). Identified photographers include: Auckland City Art Gallery (P14); Hanover Gallery (P4); Horace Brodzky (P5-P6, P8, P21); Thomas E. J. Stephenson (P16); and Victoria and Albert Museum (P28-P33, P35). 35   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Gawsworth, John, 1912-1970 See additional collection description. 42   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Genesis West (Periodical) Portrait prints (5" x 7") of various, unidentified contributors (or potential contributors?) to the magazine Genesis West (957:0020:0001-0013; 957:0065:0001). 14   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
George, David Lloyd--See Lloyd George, David        
Gerard, Dorothea, 1855-1915Cabinet card portrait of Dorothea Gerard by Mackintosh (Kelso, Scotland) (997:0079:0040); and a small card-mounted (half carte-de-visite) portrait of her by T. (Teodozy) Bahrynowicz (997:0079:0041).2    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Gerard, E. D.--See Gerard, Dorothea, 1855-1915       
Gerzso, Gunther, 1915- Portrait of "the painter Gunther Gerzso" by Hans Beacham (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Gibb, Robert4 frames of color 35mm negatives (980:0043:0030-0033). 4   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Gibson, W. WalkerPortrait of Walker Gibson (997:0105:0456).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Gide, AndréSee finding aid for Lake, Carlton.     
Gilbert, Jack, 1925- Images of Jack Gilbert (P1-P6; P2-P6 are color snapshots of Gilbert on a picnic with two young children and/or a dog, dated 1962). Identified photographer: Luisa Moffett (P1). 6   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Gilbert, W. S. (William Schwenck), 1836-1911Portrait of W. S. Gilbert, mounted on a sheet of paper on which is printed a quote from Pygmalion and Galatea (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Gillette, Irving--See Burr, Henry        
Ginsberg, Allen, 1926- See additional collection description.46   PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
NV:LF Boxes
Gipson, Fred, 1908- Portraits of Fred Gipson alone (P1), with one or more dogs (P2-P4, P7), and with other people (P5-P6); P1 is a glass transparency (color lantern slide). Identified photographers include: Price (San Angelo, Tex.) (P6); and Clayton Schmidt (P2-P4). 7   PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
Gladstone, W. E. (William Ewart), 1809-1898Carte-de-visite portrait of naturalist John Edward Gray, 1800-1875 (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Glyn, George Carr, 1797-1873Cabinet card portrait of George Carr Glyn (a.k.a. Lord Wolverton) by the London Stereoscopic Co. (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Godowsky, Leopold, 1870-1938Portrait of Leopold Godowsky by M. I. Boris; autographed, presentation copy to Mrs. Nellie Harris dated 23 April 1929 (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Gogarty, Oliver St. John, 1878-1957 Copy print of a photographic portrait of Oliver St. John Gogarty, age 21, Dublin (P1); photographic reproductions of painted portraits of Oliver St. John Gogarty (P2-P4) and Dermot Gogarty (P5). Identified photographer: Peter A. Juley & Son (P3). 5   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Gold, Herbert, 1924- Portraits of Herbert Gold (P1-P3, with P3 a duplicate of P2).3   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Golding, Louis, 1895-1958Images pertaining to Louis Golding (998:0009:0001-0008; 998:0009:0003 is a nitrate negative; 998:0009:0001-0002, 0005 are photographs of sculptures).8    PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
NV:LF Boxes
Goldstone, Adrian H. (Adrian Homer), 1897-1977 Portrait of Adrian Homer Goldstone (P1); other images pertaining to Goldstone (957:0013:0001-0003; 988:0033:0007).5    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Gordan-Crotch, Martha--See Crotch, Martha Gordon       
Gordon, Walter, 1823-1892 Carte-de-visite portraits of: Alfred Wigan by A. (Adolphe) Beau (981:0054:0001); John Buckstone (981:0054:0002); "Charles Selby?" (981:0054:0003); "Fred Robson?" (981:0054:0004); and Henry Greville by Henry Rigge (981:0054:0005).5    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Gorey, Edward, 1925- Small, contact-proof portraits of Edward Gorey (P1-P11); and a portrait of Frank O'Hara (997:0105:0452).12    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Gottlieb, Adolph, 1903-1974Black and white (8" x 10") photograph of the Gottlieb's painting "The Red Spread" photographed by Oliver Baker (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Gould, Jay, 1836-1892Photomechanical reproduction portrait of Jay Gould; with portrait of Conrad N. Jordan on verso (999:0036:0009). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Gounod, Charles, 1818-1893 Photomechanical reproduction of a portrait of "Gounod" by Eugene A. (Eugene Ashton) Perry (999:0036:0010).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Goyen, WilliamSee additional collection description.9925 1PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
Graham, Isabella Hummel Portrait of Isabella Hummel Graham; mount is possibly a detached leaf from a book; image embossed: "1906" (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Graham, Stephen, 1884- Images of Stephen Graham (P1-P3; P3 is by Keystone Press Agency Limited).3    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Graham, W. S. (William Sydney), 1918- Images of W. S. Graham (P1-P2; P2 is by Nicholas Elder).2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Grahame, Kenneth, 1859-1932See additional collection description.131 2  PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
NV:LF Boxes
Grant, Allen--See Allen, Grant       
Grant, Ulysses S. (Ulysses Simpson), 1822-1885Photomechnical portraits of U. S. Grant; each appears to be a leaf withdrawn from a book (999:0036:0011-0013). Identified photographer: A. W. Elson & Co. (999:0036:0011).3    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Granville-Barker, Harley, 1877-1946 See additional collection description. 15   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Grattan, C. Hartley (Clinton Hartley), 1902-1980 See additional collection description. 32231 PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Small;
PH:LF:OV Box, Large
Graves, Robert, 1895- Publicity portrait of Robert Graves (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Green, Henry, 1905-1974Portrait (head shot) of Henry Green by Hans Beacham (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Greene, Graham, 1904-1991 Portraits of Graham Greene as a young child (957:0104:0001), as a young man (957:0104:0002), while on Capri, ca. 1948-1952 (2011:0005:0001-0005), in his study (2011:0005:0006-0015), in Paris with Jean Mercure, 1954 (957:0104:0016), and in Paris, Sept. 1962 (957:0104:0017-0018). Additionally there is a group photograph taken during the annual meeting of Morris Motors, Ltd. (957:0104:0003); subjects are identified on the back of the print.21    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Greene, H. D.Portrait of H. D. Greene, dated Dec. 1912, by E. O. Hoppé (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Greer, Herb, 1929- Portraits of Herb Greer by Helen Craig (P1-P2).2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Grieve, Christopher M.-- See MacDiarmid, Hugh        
Griffin, John Howard, 1920- Portrait of Griffin (980:0041:0001); scenes of Griffin transforming himself into a "black" man and on the streets of New Orleans posing as a "black" man for his book Black Like Me (980:0041:0002-0008); and a portrait of Griffin at a podium with an unidentified man at his left, apparently taken during his years of blindness (980:0041:0009).9   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Griffith, Reginald Harvey, 1873-1957 See additional collection description.95 2  PH:LF:Large Alphabet
Griggs, Earl Leslie, 1899- Photographic reproduction of a painting of "Henri Christophe - the Black King of Haiti" (978:0036:0001); portrait of "Earl Leslie Griggs in 1961" (978:0036:0002). 2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Gurganus, Allan, 1947- Publicity portrait of Allan Gurganus by Marion Ettlinger (997:0079:0071). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Guthrie, James, b. 1874Photograph of James Guthrie at his press, April 1944; inscribed "To Kenneth Hopkins."1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
H. D. (Hilda Doolittle), 1886-1961Portraits of "H. D." (985:0004:0001-0002); album of 42 snapshots (including 1 laid in) of Richard Aldington (taken and/or assembled?) by Derek Patmore; handwritten on cover: "Richard Aldington" (was P2). See also PH:LF:Lake, Carlton, for a portrait of H. D. by Man Ray. 44 1 PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
Hager, Frederick W., 1874-1958Portrait of Fred W. Hager in uniform, copyright 1906, by Channell Studio; mounted on board, with autograph reproduced on mount (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Haggard, H. Rider (Henry Rider), 1856-1925Two different family group portraits taken outdoors (P1A-P1B); oversize portrait of "Umslopogaas, from a photograph taken the day before his death, 23 October, 1897" (P2); copy print of an earlier photographic portrait of Haggard (P3).4   PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Small
Hake, Thomas Gordon, 1809-1895 Photographic reproduction of photomechanical (halftone) portrait of Thomas Gordon Hake (P1)1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hale, Edward Everett, 1822-1909 Portrait of Dr. Edward Everett Hale, photomechanical reproduction, on leaf from a book, by George Gardner Rockwood (999:0036:0015).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Haley, J. Evetts (James Evetts), 1901- Scenes from a day of working cattle on the Arkansas River in Oklahoma, 1963 (957:0011:0001-0014). 14   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hall, John (John Clifford)Portrait of John Hall (P1), and images from various theatrical productions: World Behind Your Back (P2); Lizard on the Rock (P3-P7); The Net (P8-P11); The Holiday (P12-P24); and The Strangers (P25-P30). Identified photographers include: Michael Boys (P1, P12-P24); Lisel Haas (P5-P6); Kentish Gazette (P2); Desmond Tripp (P25-P30); and Atelier Witzig (P3-P4).30   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hall, Radclyffe See additional collection description. 35  1PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
Hamilton, FlorenceSee additional collection description.3913 2PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Small;
PH:LF:Artifacts Box;
NV:LF Boxes
Hamilton, Gerald, 1890- See additional collection description.2573  PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
NV:LF Boxes
Hammerstein, Oscar, 1895-1960 Portrait of Oscar Hammerstein, II (2 copies), 8.3 x 10.4 cm glass transparencies (988:0027:0005-0006).2    PH:FC-01:DR-04
Hanley, James, 1901- Unidentified infant in a baby carriage (P2-P4); photographic postcard portrait of James Hanley (P5); James Hanley and an unidentified woman (P6-P7); small snapshot of Hanley seated on a hillside (957:0014:0004); proof prints of a production of James Hanley's Say Nothing (997:0105:0616-0620); images of the Finnish National Theatre's production of James Hanley's Say Nothing (997:0105:0621-0625). Identified photographer: Magnus Löfving (997:0105:0621-0625). 17   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hanley, T. EdwardStill photographs of stage productions (P1-P19); portrait of Aristotle Onassis (986:0036:0014). Identified photographers include: Houston Rogers (P1-P15); and Stage Photo Company (P16-P19).20    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hanotaux, Gabriel, 1853-1944Portrait of Gabriel Hanotaux in uniform; mounted; handwritten at bottom of image recto: "47 rue Dumont d' Urville / G. L. Manuel Frères"; printed on mount: "Collection Iconographique du Comité France Amérique"; handwritten along bottom of mount recto: "a' Madam S. Bussy / G. Hanotaux" (P1). Identified photographer: G. L. Manuel Frères (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Harding, Warren G. (Warren Gamaliel), 1865-1923Profile portrait of Warren G. Harding by Harris & Ewing; autographed beneath image recto: "Very truly yours / Warren G Harding" (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hardy, Thomas, 1840-1928 See additional collection description. 14   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Harper BrothersCabinet card portrait of an unidentified man in "snow fall" by Napoleon Sarony (P1); cabinet card portrait of an unidentified man in fur hat, coat, pants, and moccasins by Markham & Johnson (P2). 2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Harper, Henry Winston, 1894-1943 Portrait of Henry Winston Harper by Christianson-Leberman (P1). 1   PH:LF:OV Box, Large
Harris, Frank, 1855-1931Portraits of Frank Harris, Nellie O'Hara Harris, other family members, and friends; several duplicates (P1-P23). Identified photographers include: Coutant (P23); Elliott & Fry (P2); J. (Jules) Hubert (P1); Keystone View Company (P5); and Stanley Symzak (P9A-P9B).28   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Harris, Leon A. Snapshot of Leon Harris asleep with a book on his chest; inscribed on verso: "A peaceful 1980" (997:0079:0016).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Harrison, Frederic, 1831-1923 Portrait of Frederic Harrison by W. & D. Downey (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Harte, Bret, 1836-1902See additional collection description.14   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Harte, Francis Brett--See Harte, Bret, 1836-1902        
Hartington, Lord--See Devonshire, Spencer Compton Cavendish, Duke of, 1833-1908        
Hartley, L. P. (Leslie Poles), 1895-1972Portrait of L. P. Hartley by Hans Beacham (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hartmann, Carl Sadakichi--See Hartmann, Sadakichi, 1867-1944        
Hartmann, Sadakichi, 1867-1944Portrait of Sadakichi Hartmann by Schroeder of San Francisco (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hawker, Robert Stephen, 1803?-1875 1 photographic print of Rosalind Hawker, two boys, and a dog and cat (986:0022:0001); 4 copy negatives of photographs pertaining to R. S. Hawker (986:0022:0002-0005). 5   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hawkins, Anthony Hope, Sir--See Hope, Anthony, 1863-1933        
Hawthorne, Nathaniel, 1804-1864Carte-de-visite portrait by Warren's Portraits of Nathaniel Hawthorne (P1); and a photograph by E. Kendall of Hawthorne's house, the House of Seven Gables, in Salem, Mass. (P2).2    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hazel, John, 1865-1948Portrait of John Hazel by Channell Studio, 1906; mounted on board, autograph reproduced on mount (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hazo, Samuel JohnPublicity portrait of Samuel John Hazo, circa 1963 (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hazo, Samuel, Dr.--See Hazo, Samuel John      
Headlam, Cuthbert Morley, Sir, 1876-1964 View of a gate; image mounted on a card, on which is printed: "?Bishop' Harrow / These gates are erected in the memory of M. C. Kemp / 1861-1951. / Master in charge of cricket for 33 years. / The wide extension of the playing fields was due in great measure to his energy and foresight." (980:0120:0001)1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hecht, Ben, 1893-1964 Portrait of Ben Hecht by Albert Petersen, 1936; autographed by Hecht and Petersen (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Heine, Heinrich, 1797-1856Photographic reproduction (postcard) of a painted portrait of Heinrich Heine (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hellman, George S. (George Sidney), 1878-1958 Photographic reproduction of Ethel Chase's drawing of George S. Hellman (997:0105:0081).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hellman, Lillian, 1906- 2 portraits of Lillian Hellman (957:0071:0001, 990:0010:0001). Identified photographer: Arnold Newman (957:0071:0001).2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961 See additional collection description. 1,7188  PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Medium;
PH:LF:OV Box, Large;
PH:LF:Cased Images Boxes;
NV:LF Boxes
Henderson, Alice Corbin, 1881-1949 See additional collection description. 1991  PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
NV:LF Boxes
Hendricks, Thomas A. (Thomas Andrews), 1819-1885 Portrait of Thomas A. Hendricks by Napoleon Sarony; mounted; handwritten on mount verso: "Vice President Hendricks" (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Henley, William Ernest, 1849-1903Portraits of William Ernest Henley (P1-P3) and Margaret Emma Henley (P4). Identified photographers include: J. (John) Spence (P2); and, J. G. Tunny & Co. (P3-P4).4   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Henry Ford Peace Expedition (1915-1916) See additional collection description. 41   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Henry, O., 1862-1910 See additional collection description. 38   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hergesheimer, Joseph, 1880-1954 See additional collection description. 17921 PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
Herrman, John, 1900-1959Snapshots attributed to Josephine Herbst, mostly of John Herrman and/or his house in varying seasons (989:0025:0001-0039). Of note: an image (poor quality) of Josephine (taken by someone else?) putting flowers on Henry James' grave (989:0025:0002); and a view of the barn at Herrman's "Bucks County place" (989:0025:0036).39    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hersey, John, 1914- Portraits of John Hersey (John Richard Hersey) by Carl Van Vechten (P1-P9).9   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hertz, Alfred, 1872-1942 Portrait of Alfred Hertz by G. G. Co.; autographed and dated 1914. Handwritten on verso: "German conductor / at Met 1902-15" (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hewlett, Maurice Henry, 1861-1923 See additional collection description.53    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Heyward, DuBose, 1885-1940Portraits of Ethel Waters by VanDamm Studio (P1-P2).2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Higgins, George V., 1939- Publicity portrait of George V. Higgins by Benno Friedman (997:0079:0063). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hill, John Arthur, 1872- Images of a typed manuscript for John Arthur Hill's book, Man is a Spirit; prints are badly faded, most completely illegible (P1-P6). 6   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hilton, James, 1900-1954Portrait of James Hilton by Claude Harris, 1935 (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hobart, Garret A. (Garret Augustus), 1844-1899Cabinet card portrait of Garret A. Hobart by John P. Doremus of Paterson, N.J.; inscribed "Hobart" on lower mount recto; inscribed "Copyright June 96" on mount verso (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hoblitzelle, NelliePortraits (one carte-de-visite, several cabinet cards) of English actress Adelaide Neilson (P1-P11). Identified photographers include: Bradley & Rulofson (P3); J. Gurney & Son (P1-P2); Napoleon Sarony (P5-P11); and, Scholl of Philadelphia (P4).11   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hobson, ThayerGroup portrait of the Skull & Bones Society, Yale, 1922 (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hodgson, William Hope, 1875-19182 very small snapshots of a male athlete seen from the waist up (P1-P2).2    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hoffman, AnnPhotographic reproduction of a painted "portrait of Ann Hoffman, in [the] possession of Mrs. Charles Neely, 20 Ridge Road, Bronxville, N.Y"; the painting was signed "R 1819" (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hoffman, Matilda, 1791-1809 Photographic reproduction of a pastel portrait of Matilda Hoffman; original portrait was torn (P1); and a photographic reproduction of a portrait of Miss Gratz (P2).2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hoges, Fred W.--See Hager, Frederick W., 1874-1958        
Holme, Constance Portrait of the father of Constance Holme by J. F. Sutcliffe (980:0107:0001).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Holmes, Oliver Wendell, 1809-1894 Portrait of Oliver Wendell Holmes (999:0036:0023). See also PH:LF:Sullivan, John J. 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Holroyd, MichaelPublicity portraits of Michael Holroyd by Nicholas Elder (P1) and Angela Huth (P2).2    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hone, Joseph M. (Joseph Maunsell), 1882-1959Portrait of Joseph Hone with tin sculpture (P1); and a cabinet card portrait by Hop Sing & Co. of an unidentified man in Indian garb with pince-nez glasses (P2).2    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Honegger, Arthur, 1892-1955See finding aid for Lake, Carlton.      
Hoover, Herbert, 1874-1964Photographic reproduction of Elmer Wesley Greene's 1956 painting of Herbert Hoover; photograph by Peter A. Juley & Son (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hope, Anthony, 1863-1933Portrait of Sir Anthony Hope Hawkins by the Press Portrait Bureau (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hopkins, Gerard Manley, 1844-1889 See additional collection description.17    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hopkins, KennethPortraits of Kenneth Hopkins (P1-P4); photograph of Hopkins and several unidentified men at the Farrington Road bookstalls, London, circa 1953 (P5); views of a window display at the offices of Everybody's Magazine featuring the sculpted bust by Jacob Epstein of T. S. Eliot, circa 1952 (P6-P7); negatives of display cases (in the Rare Book Room at University of Texas at Austin?) with materials pertaining to Hopkins (P8-P10; Hopkins appears in P8-P9). Identified photographer: Betty Turner (P1). 10   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Horton, W. T. (William Thomas), 1864-1919 Autographed carte-de-visite portrait of "W. T. Horton" by London Stereoscopic Co. (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Houghton, Claude, 1889- Portrait of Claude Houghton by Howard Coster, inscribed to "Caryl" (986:0036:0002); and a wallet-size portrait of a woman, possibly Houghton's wife Grace White (986:0036:0003). 2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Howard, HenryAlbumen portrait of New Orleans architect Henry Howard (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Howarth, R. G. (Robert Guy), 1906-1974See additional collection description.275   PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Small;
Howell, John, 1974-1956--See John Howell Books (San Francisco, Calif.)       
Howell, Warren R.--See John Howell Books (San Francisco, Calif.)       
Howells, William Dean, 1837-1920Portraits of William Dean Howells. P1 is a carte-de-visite by George H. Boynton; P2 is by William M. Vander Weyde. 2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hubbard, Elbert Green--See Hubbard, Elbert, 1856-1915        
Hubbard, Elbert, 1856-1915 See additional collection description.23   PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Medium
Hudson, W. H. (William Henry), 1841-1922Group photograph of the unveiling of a memorial plaque (to Hudson), June 29, 1938, depicting L. W. Payne, Jr., Linda Gardiner, Hugh Dent, Morley Roberts, Mr. Wilson, and the Secretary to the Ambassador from Argentina (P1); marker commemorating the birthplace of W. H. Hudson (P2); and an oversize portrait of W. H. Hudson (P3). 3   PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Small
Hughes, Glenn, 1894-1964 See additional collection description. 48   PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
Hughes, John, 1865-1941 Glass negatives (P1-P3): altar relief, "The Man of Sorrows," presented to Robert Elliott from John Hughes, Paris, 1907 (P1); unveiling of statue of Queen Victoria at Leinster House (P2); and statue of C. J. Kickham (P3). Also, photographic reproduction of a drawing of "Speranza" (Lady Wilde), attributed to "John Hughes," initialed "J. H.," with "Dublin" written beneath (P4). 4    PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
Hughes, Ted, 1930- Publicity portrait of Ted Hughes by Layle Silbert (997:0079:0027).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hughes, Thomas, 1822-1896Carte-de-visite portrait of "Tom Hughes Esqr M.P." by London Stereoscopic Co. (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hugo, Richard, 1923-1982Publicity portrait of Richard Hugo by Thomas Victor (997:0079:0097).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hugo, Victor, 1802-1885Copy print image of Victor Hugo resting in the garret grenier of Edmond de Concourt's room (P1). Carte-de-visite, 3/4-length portraits of Hugo (P2, standing; P3, seated). Identified photographers: Joseph Maes (P2), and Pierre Petit (P3). See also PH:LF:Lake, Carlton. 3   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hulme, T. E. (Thomas Ernest), 1883-1917 Portraits of Thomas Hulme, each with negative (P1 made in 1914; P2 made in 1917). Art reproductions of a bust sculpture of Hulme by Sir Jacob Epstein (P3 3/4 right profile; P4 negative only, full front; and P5 negative only, left profile). 5   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Humphrey, WilliamNitrate negative portraits of William Humphrey, his wife, and their daughter, circa 1940s (2001:0061:0001-0049). 49   NV:LF Boxes
Humphreys, JosephinePublicity photograph of Josephine Humphreys by Frances DuBose (997:0079:0101). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hunt, William Holman, 1827-1910 Photograph of a photomechanical (halftone) print, possibly of part of (or of a drawing done after) a painting by Sir William Richmond of William Holman Hunt (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hunter, Evan, 1926- Autographed publicity portrait of Evan Hunter (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Hurst, Fannie, 1889-1968See additional collection description. 89672 PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Large;
PH:LF:Artifacts Box
Hutchinson, Mary, 1888-1977 Snapshot (986:0034:0001).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Huxley, Aldous, 1894-1963 See additional collection description.13   PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Medium;
Hyde, H. Montgomery (Harford Montgomery), 1907- Color snapshot of a building.1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Ibanez, Vincent Blaso--See Blasco Ibanez, Vicente        
Inge, William Snapshot of William Inge seated in a chair, 3/4 left profile (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Irvine, JohnPhotographic reproduction of a drawing (of John Irvine?) by W. H. Conn; handwritten on verso: "From John with every good wish, March 1948" (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Irving, Henry, Sir, 1838-1905 Portrait of a young man, possibly H. B. Irving (son of Sir Henry Irving); autographed on mount, presentation to George Phillips from [illegible] (P1). Profile portrait of Sir Henry Irving by Window & Grove (P2).2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Irving, Washington, 1783-1859Views of Washington Irving's home (957:0065:0001-0014).14    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Isham, Juliet CalhounSnapshot portrait of Juliet C. Isham, seated outdoors in a rocking chair, looking at the ground (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Itow, MichaPortrait of Micha Itow by Alvin Langdon Coburn; mounted photogravure, removed from More Men of Mark, 1922 (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Ives, George, 1867-1950 See additional collection description.27   PH:LF:Small Alphabet

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