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Literary File Name Description No. of Items No. of Boxes No. of Albums Locations                            
Jackson, Holbrook, 1874-1948 Unmounted photogravure portrait of Holbrook Jackson (P1). Images of the opening celebration of Mill Hill Park, 24 July 1924; some withdrawn from a commemorative pamphlet written by Jackson (P2-P6; P2-P3 by Henry Gusterson). Mounted photogravure portrait (same as P1) by Alvin Langdon Coburn, removed from More Men of Mark, 1922 (P7).7    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Jacob, Max, 1876-1944See finding aid for Lake, Carlton.      
Jacobs, W. W. (William Wymark), 1863-1943 Portraits of W. W. Jacobs by Pearl Freeman (P1A-P1B). 2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Jacobson, DanPortrait of Dan Jacobson by Mark Gerson, dated April 1995 (998:0021:0005).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Jaffe, Philip J. (Philip Jacob), 1895-1980Small portrait of an unidentified man (997:0105:0065A).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
James F. Drake, Inc. See additional collection description. 35   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
NV:LF Boxes
James, Henry, 1843-1916 See additional collection description. 53   PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Large
James, Neill, 1902- Snapshot by Peter Johannes Jensen Bögelund of Neill James, "Author of ?Petticoat Vagabond? [...] wearing a Lapp costume standing in front of sod kota where she lived with family of 4 Lapps 150 miles north of Polar Circle," 1908 (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Jameson, Margaret Storm--See Jameson, Storm, 1891-1986       
Jameson, Storm, 1891-1986Portraits, mostly of Storm Jameson; group portrait of Womens Representative Council of Leeds University (includes Jameson), dated 1911-1912; group portrait of a young woman and three children, dated August 1913; one image of an elderly man (P1-P3; 981:0048:0001-0003; 988:0100:0001-0002). Identified photographers include: F. J. Goodman (981:0048:0003).8    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Jeffers, Robinson, 1887-1962See additional collection description. 2,5104  PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
NV:LF Boxes
Jefferson, Joseph, 1829-1905 Images of a memorial to Joseph Jefferson (982:0014:0011-0012). 2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Jepsen, LauraCabinet card portrait of prominent American actor Joseph Jefferson by William Morrison (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Jeritza, Maria, 1887- Autographed postcard portrait of Maria Geritza; photographed by Atelier Setzer of Vienna, Austria (985:0017:0001).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Jerome, Jerome K. (Jerome Klapka), 1859-1927 Cabinet card portrait of Jerome K. Jerome by Barraud's Ltd. (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Jessel, George, 1898-19812 glass transparency portraits (8.3 x 10.4 cm.) of George Jessel (988:0027:0003-0004). 2   PH:FC-01:DR-04
John Howell Books (San Francisco, Calif.) See additional collection description. 992  PH:LF:Large Alphabet
John, Augustus, 1878-1961Portrait of Augustus John by Alvin Langdon Coburn; mounted photogravure, removed from More Men of Mark, 1922 (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Johnson, B. S. (Bryan Stanley), 1933-1973 Contact sheet of 6 portraits of B. S. Johnson by Mark Gerson (P1); snapshots of Virginia, Katie, and/or Steven Johnson (P2-P4), all dated 1973. 4   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Johnson, Robert Underwood, 1853-1937 See additional collection description. 38133 PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
NV:LF Boxes
Johnson, Samuel, 1709-1784 Photographic art reproductions of portraits of Samuel Johnson (P1-P2). 2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Johnson, Walter Willard, 1897-1968 [a.k.a. Spud Johnson] See additional collection description. 1,61915  PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Small;
PH:LF:OV Box, Medium;
PH:LF:OV Box, Large;
NV:LF Boxes
Johnston, Edward, 1872-1944Portrait of Edward Johnston, seated at a desk, writing with a quill pen (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Jones, James, 1921-1977 See additional collection description. 20   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Jones, LeRoi, 1934- --See Baraka, Imamu Amiri, 1934-        
Jordan, Winthrop D. Publicity portrait of Jordan from the 1969 National Book Awards Press Kit (997:0105:0156).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Joseph, Donald, 1898- Portrait of Donald Joseph, dated circa 1930 on verso (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Joyce, James, 1882-1941 See additional collection description.831  PH:LF:Large Alphabet
Joyce, Lucia, d. 1982.Portrait of Lucia Joyce, 1927, by Berenice Abbott (984:0040:0001).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Kahane, Jack, 1887-1939Portrait postcard of Jack Kahane (997:0079:0024). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Kaiser, JohnPortrait of John Kaiser, 1906, by Channell Studio; mounted on board, autograph reproduced on mount (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Kaufman, E. A.--See Kaufman, Enit, 1908-        
Kaufman, Enit, 1908- Photographic reproduction of 2 drawings by Enit Kaufman; one is of Carl Sandburg, the other of Robert Frost (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Kaye-Smith, SheilaImages of Sheila Kaye-Smith, alone and with associates; several building interiors. (P1-P18; P3 and P18 are duplicates.) Identified photographers include: Broseley Studio (P1, P11-P15, P17); Northampton Independent (P8); Photopress (P2-P7, P9, P18); and Hermann Warschawski (P16).18    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Keats, John, 1795-1821 See additional collection description.5   PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
NV:LF Boxes
Keefe, Andrew Portrait of Andrew Keefe, 1906, by Channell Studio; mounted on board, autograph reproduced on mount (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Kelly, Rob Roy, 1925- 46 mounted b/w prints (989:0030:0001-0010, 0012-0047), 5 b/w negatives (989:0030:0048-0052), and 1 photocopy (989:0030:0011) used for Kelly's book American Wood Type, 1828-1900.52 1  PH:LF:Large Alphabet
Kennady, John P.--See Kennedy, John Pendleton, 1795-1870       
Kennedy, John Pendleton, 1795-1870 Carte-de-visite portrait by Matthew Brady, signed: "John P. Kennady' [sic] (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Kennedy, William, 1928- Publicity portrait of William Kennedy by Thomas Victor (997:0079:0062).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Kennerley, MorleySnapshot of an automobile stopped next to a road sign to "Stratford-on-Avon" and "Bidford & Evesham" (986:0036:0001). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Kennicutt, DonaldPortrait of Donald Kennicutt (or Kennicott), editor [of] Blue Book / The Author & Journalist / 637 Pine St. Boulder, Colo. Photographed by Greystone Studios of New York, N.Y. (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Kent, Rockwell, 1882-1971Snapshot of two unidentified men, one middle-aged and one young (P1); photographic reproductions (P2-P3); photograph of the Asgaard Farm barn in snow, mounted on board; inscribed on mount recto: 'Rockwell Kent to John Sullivan / and a Merry Christmas to him / 1948" (980:0095:0001). 4   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Kerensky, Aleksandr Fyodorovich, 1881-1970 See additional collection description. 4663  PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Small
Kerensky, Alexander--See Kerensky, Aleksandr Fyodorovich, 1881-1970       
Kesey, Ken Portraits of Ken Kesey (P1-P13).13    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Kilmer, Joyce, 1886-1918Portrait of Joyce Kilmer in uniform (P1); photographic reproduction of a handwritten poem titled "In Memory of Lieutenant Rupert Brooke" (957:0029:0002); nitrate negative of an image of text (957:0029:0003). 3   PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
NV:LF Boxes
King, Francis HenryPortrait of Francis King by Mark Gerson, May 1965 (998:0021:0003).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Kingsley, Charles, 1819-1875Carte-de-visite portraits of Rev. Charles Kingsley (P1-P2). Identified photographers: Robert H. Mason & Co. (P1). 2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936 See additional collection description. 133  1PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Large;
NV:LF Boxes
Kirby, Robert 3 identical wallet-size portraits of Robert Kirby (980:0043:0017-0019). 3   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Klie, PhilipPortrait of Philip Klie (?) by Otto Sarony; autographed presentation to Clifford Leigh (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Knopf, Alfred A., 1882-1984--See Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.        
Koester, William H. 3 copies of a portrait of William H. Koester (P1-P3). 3   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Kokoschka, Oskar, 1886- Snapshots of Kokoschka home (982:0029:0001-0003). Snapshots by Joe Gropper, of Kokoschka and students, mounted on photo album leaf (982:0029:0004-0009). Snapshots by Joe Gropper, of Kokoschka picking cherries, mounted on photo album leaf (982:0029:0010-0011). Snapshots of Kokoschka and others at a party in Boston, mounted on photo album leaf (982:0029:0012-0015). 15   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Kops, Bernard, 1926- Autographed presentation portraits of Bernard Kops (P1-P2); portrait of Kops seated, playing guitar for a woman and child (P3). Identified photographers: Oswald Jones (P2); and the London Sunday Dispatch (P3).3   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Korbel, J. Mario (Josef Mario), 1882-1954 Image of a sculpture; autographed: "J. Mario Korbel / 1915"; upper right corner of print is broken, mended by being mounted on supporting board. 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Kosinski, Jerzy N., 1933- Publicity portrait of Jerzy Kosinski, from the 1969 National Book Awards Press Kit (997:0105:0154). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Kruger, Fania, 1892-1977 See additional collection description. 95   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
La Farge, Oliver, 1901-1963 See additional collection description. 5843  PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
NV:LF Boxes
La Guardia, Fiorello H. (Fiorello Henry), 1882-1947 Portrait of La Guardia (957:0007:0001). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Lake, CarltonSee additional collection description. 2,05218 3PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Small;
PH:LF:OV Box, Large;
PH:LF:Cased Images Boxes;
NV:LF Boxes
Lamartine, Alphonse de, 1790-1869 Portrait of Lamartine by Alexandre Martin (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Lambert, Betty, 1933- Portrait of Lambert (997:0079:0139). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Landor, Walter Savage, 1775-1864 Portrait of Landor (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Langdon-Davies, John, 1897- Portrait of Langdon-Davies (997:0079:0107).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Lanier, Sidney, 1842-1881Carte-de-visite portrait of Lanier by Kuhn & Cummins (P1); b/w print and negative of Lanier's grave, b/w negatives of monuments to Lanier, b/w print and negative of graves of Lawrence Turnbull and Francese Litchfield (997:0105:0595-0601).8   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Larkin, PhilipPortraits of Larkin (P1-P2). P1 is by Hans Beacham.2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Larson, MorganPortrait of Larson (957:0006:0001).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Lavery, Hazel, Lady, 1880-1935 Photographic reproduction of a drawing signed by Lavery of a young woman in bed (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Lawrence, D. H. (David Herbert), 1885-1930 See additional collection description. 1,40092 PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Medium;
Lawrence, David, 1947- Portrait of David and Lauren Lawrence (982:0018:0001). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Lawrence, T. E. (Thomas Edward), 1888-1935 See additional collection description. 6848  PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
NV:LF Boxes
Le Gallienne, Richard, 1866-1947 Portrait of Le Gallienne (P1), and a portrait of an unidentified man by A. Vandyke (P2).2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Lea, Tom, 1907- See additional collection description. 29831 PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Large
Leda and the SwanPhotographic reproductions of art works depicting Leda and the Swan (P1-P41). 41   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Lee, LauriePhotographic reproduction of a portrait of Laurie Lee painted by Robert Buhler (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Lee, Vernon, 1856-1935 Portrait of Vernon Lee (pseudonym of Violet Paget) looking out a window at Villa Il Palmerino, circa 1909-1910 (997:0079:0042).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Leferer, Shaw--See Shaw-Lefevre, Mr.        
Lehmann, John, 1907- Images of or pertaining to John Lehmann (P1-P2, P3A-P3C, P4-P12; 985:0019:0001-0057), including illustrations for his book Virginia Woolf and Her World and an oversize photographic reproduction of the front page of the Daily Mirror, 16 February, 1910, featuring the group portrait numbered 985:0019:0018. P1 is by Hans Beacham. 721  PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Small
Lehmann, Rosamond, 1901- Portrait of Rosamond Lehmann, May 1965, by Mark Gerson (998:0021:0006).1    PH:LF:OV Box, Small
Leighton of Stretton, Frederick Leighton, Baron, 1830-1896Portrait of Leighton of Stretton by Lock & Whitfield (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Lewin, Michael ZPortrait of Lewin by Edward Piper (981:0058:0001). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Lewis, Cecil Day--See Day Lewis, C. (Cecil), 1904-1972        
Lewis, Grace Hegger Portrait of Grace Hegger Lewis by Kosti Ruohomaa (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Lewis, Sinclair, 1885-1951 See additional collection description. 2,621  7PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
PH:LF:Ceramic Photographs Box;
NV:LF Boxes
Lewis, Wyndham, 1882-1957Mounted photogravure of Wyndham Lewis, made from an original photograph by Alvin Langdon Coburn, removed from More Men of Mark, 1922 (P4); photographic postcard portrait of Lewis (980:0042:0001); photographic reproductions of paintings by Lewis (980:0110:0001-0003). 5   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Lewisohn, Ludwig, 1882-1955Portrait of Lewisohn (P1), and a portrait of an unidentified woman (P2).2    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Lifton, Robert Jay, 1926- Portrait of Lifton by Fay Godwin (997:0105:0152).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Lilly, Ben, 1856-1936Chiefly scenes of Lilly on hunting trips, pictured with hunting dogs, burros, and/or game (P1-P43; 957:0078:0001-0031); 957:0078:0031 is oversize. Identified photographers include: J. Stokley Ligon (P5, P7, P10-P11, P17, P34, P39, P42); Douglas MacLean (957:0078:0031); and John Strickrott (957:0078:0004, 0006, 0018, 0020).74    PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Large
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865Chiefly portraits of Lincoln (P1-P3; 997:0105:0640-0650; 999:0036:0028-0043; 2001:0022:0001). Identified photographers include: John J. Garvin (2001:0022:0001); Levin C. (Levin Corbin) Handy (997:0105:0640-0641); Holmes (New York, N.Y.) (999:0036:0028); George L. Horvath (997:0105:0642-0643, 0649); and Moses P. Rice (999:0036:0029, 0036). 31   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Lindberg, Charles A.Chiefly images of Lindberg, his wife, and various people involved in the events of his life (P1-P11, P12A-P12B, P13-P15, P16A-P16B, P17-P18, P19A-P19B, P20-P27, P28A-P28C, P29A-P29B, P30-P42, P43A-P43B, P44, P45A-P45C, P46A-P46B, P47-P61, P62A-P62B, P63-P65, P66A-P66C, P67A-P67D, P68-P71). 871  PH:LF:Large Alphabet
Lindsay, Jack, 1900- Photographic reproductions by Helga Photo Studio of a portrait of Jack Lindsay painted by Lionel Ellis[?] (P1A-P1B). 2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Lindsay, Philip, 1906- Photographic reproductions of painted portraits of two different men (P1-P2); and a photograph of a man on horseback (P3).3   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Lindsay, Vachel, 1879-1931Portraits of Vachel Lindsay (P1A-P1B, P2-P3), with his wife and children (P4), and of his wife and daughter (P5). Identified photographers include: Herbert W. Georg (P3); Omer C. Greer (P1A-P1B); and Harrington & Smelser (P2).6    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Lively, Penelope, 1933- Portrait of Lively by Mark Gerson (998:0021:0004).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Livingston, Arthur, 1883- See additional collection description. 1182  PH:LF:Large Alphabet
Lloyd George, David, 1863-1945Mounted photogravure of Lloyd George, made from an original photograph by Alvin Langdon Coburn, removed from More Men of Mark, 1922 (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Lloyd's Evening Post & British ChroniclePhotographic reproductions of art works (P1-P8) and architectural renderings (P9-P12). Identified photographers include: Rudy Burckhardt (P7); R. B. Fleming (P4); Kim Lim (P8); and James Mortimer (P1-P3).12   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Locke, William John, 1863-1930 See additional collection description. 28   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Loggins, Vernon, b. 1893Portrait of Loggins (997:0105:0232).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
London Magazine Photographs of six men (English writers?), circa 1950-80 (980:0097:0001-0006); and a photograph of musicians playing in Liverpool(?), circa 1960s (980:0097:0007). Identified photographers include: Ida Kar (980:0097:0002); John Mills (980:0097:0007); and C. Santos (980:0097:0005). 7   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
London, Jack, 1876-1916Portraits of London (P1; 999:0036:0044-0045).3   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Long, Haniel, 1888-1956 Portrait of Long (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, 1807-1882 See additional collection description. 551  PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Large
Lorca, Frederico Garcia--See Garcia Lorca, Federico, 1898-1936       
Louis-Phillipe D'Orleans, Comte de--See Orléans, Louis Philippe Robert, duc d', 1869-1926       
Lovell, Ernest James, 1918- Portraits of Lovell (P1-P4).4   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Lowell, Amy, 1874-1925Portrait of Amy Lowell (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Lowell, James Russell, 1819-1891 Portraits of James Russell Lowell (P1-P2; 984:0010:0036; 999:0036:0050). Identified photographers include: William Notman (P1); and Warren's Portraits (P2). See also PH:LF:Sullivan, John J.4   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Lowndes, Belloc, 1868-1947 Portraits of Marie Belloc (P1), Mrs. Belloc Lowndes (P2), Belloc Lowndes as a baby (P4), and W. Somerset Maugham (P5); also an image of a sculpted bust of an unidentified woman by Conde Prospero d?Epinay (P3). Identified photographer: Hills & Saunders (P4). 5   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Lowry, Malcolm, 1909-1957One glass-covered negative (in PH:FC-01:DR-03) and three prints of a portrait of Lowry as a young man (P1A-P1C); and an image of Lowry's tombstone (997:0079:0021). 5   PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
Luca, MarkPortrait of Luca at Prints Gallery in August 1964 by Campbell-Ricco-Mazzuchi (997:0105:0652). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Lucas, E. V. (Edward Verrall), 1868-1938B/w snapshot of two couples dressed for tennis (P1), and a b/w snapshot of two men, inscribed on the verso: "EV & Luytens (?24?)" (997:0105:0037).2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Lucie-Smith, Edward Photographic reproductions of art works (P1-P3, P4A-P4B, P5-P10). Identified photographers include: Geoffrey Clements (P3); Studio Five (P5-P6); and John Webb (P1). 11   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Luhan, Mabel Dodge, 1879-1962Images of or pertaining to Luhan, including views of her house in Taos, New Mexico (958:0079:0001-0064); 958:0079:0008-0010 are oversize. Identified photographers include: Ansel Adams (958:0079:0002); Manuel Alvarez Bravo (958:0079:0008-0009); Will Connell (958:0079:0010); Cross (Santa Fe, N.M.) (958:0079:0018); and D. C. Ward (958:0079:0003-0005).64    PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Medium
Lundell, Cyrus Longworth, 1907- Color photograph of a medal awarded in 1979 to William Randolph Taylor "for excellence in phycology" (984:0010:0035).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Lutzeler, Heinrich, 1902- Photographic postcard of a street scene at Christmas time in Munster, Germany (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Lynch, George, 1868-1928Photograph album (unnumbered, was P1) comprised of 98 prints depicting the South African War, dating from 1899-1902(?); manuscript captions throughout. 98  1 PH:LF:Albums
Maas, Willard See additional collection description. 1,5843 2PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
PH:LF:Novelties Box;
NV:LF Boxes
Macaulay, Thomas Babington Macaulay, Baron, 1800-1859 Portrait of Macaulay (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
MacBeth, GeorgePortrait of MacBeth by Nicholas Elder (P1); b/w negative image of two rhinosceroses (997:0105:0239); b/w negatives of several unidentified older men and women, dressed up (997:0105:0240-0244); passport-type portraits of an unidentified young woman (997:0105:0245-0248); b/w snapshots of MacBeth as a young man alone (997:0105:0249), and with others (997:0105:0250-0251). 14    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
MacDiarmid, Hugh, 1892- Photographic postcard portrait of a man (P1) with accompanying folder inscribed "from F. G. and Burges Scott." 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
MacDonagh, Thomas, 1878-1916Snapshot of MacDonagh (P1), and three small portraits of an unidentified woman (P2-P4). 4   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
MacDonald, George, 1824-1905Portraits of George MacDonald (P1-P2; 984:0010:0037; 997:0079:0043, 0048, 0049) and five images of the spines of various books (997:0079:0050-0054). Identified photographers include: Elliott & Fry (997:0079:0043); Sir Emery Walker (P2); and Henry John Whitlock (997:0079:0048). 11   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
MacDonald, James Ramsay, 1866-1937 Snapshot of a man with a walking stick in a park (997:0079:0017). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
MacDonald, Malcolm, 1932- Portrait of Malcolm MacDonald by Martha Kaplan (982:0017:0001).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Machen, Arthur, 1863-1947 See additional collection description. 1962 1PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Small
Mackail, J. W. (John William), 1859-1945 Portrait of a bearded man with paint brushes (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Mackaness, George, 1882- Portrait of Alice and George Mackaness by Joan Symons Mackaness (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Mackenzie, Compton, Sir, 1883-1972 See additional collection description.2,615 1016 PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Small;
PH:LF:OV Box, Medium;
PH:LF:OV Box, Large;
NV:LF Boxes
MacLaren-Ross, J. (Julian), 1912-1964 Portraits of unidentified women (P1-P4).4    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
MacNamara, Brinsley, 1890-1963Negatives of MacNamara, his family and friends, and places in Ireland, 1890s-1960s (P1-P8, P10-P17, P20-P52); portrait of MacNamara by the College Studios (Dublin, Ireland) (P53); nitrate negatives of views of Banimvanem School (P9A-P9B) and Quinn Abbey, County Clare (P18A-P18B, P19).55    PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
NV:LF Boxes
MacNeice, Louis, 1907-1963Portrait of MacNeice (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Madden, David, 1933- Portraits of Madden alone (997:0047:0001-0002), in a car with a man and a woman (997:0047:0003), and at the Stork Club with a young woman and an older couple (997:0047:0004). 4   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Maeterlinck, Maurice, 1862-1949Mounted photogravure of Maeterlinck, made from an original photograph by Alvin Langdon Coburn, removed from More Men of Mark, 1922 (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Mailer, NormanPortrait of Mailer by D. J. Davies (997:0105:0155).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Malanga, Gerard See additional collection description. 2511 1PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
Malraux, Andre, 1901-1976Portraits of Malraux photographed with: Jackie Kennedy, 1960s (P1); Lyndon Johnson, 1960s (P2); Charles de Gaulle (P3); Francois Mauriac (P4); Mao Tse-Tung (P5); and Paul Picasso (P6). P1-P5 are in OV Medium, and P6 is in OV Large.6   PH:LF:OV Box, Medium;
PH:LF:OV Box, Large
Mann, Thomas, 1875-1955 Portrait of Mann next to a painting of himself and the artist who painted it (P1); portrait of Mann alone (P2A-P2B); image of his gravestone (P3A); portrait of Mann with his wife Katia and another woman (P3B); signed portrait of Mann, Katia, and others in formal dress, dated 6 April 1950 (995:0004:0001); and a portrait of Mann and Katia (997:0105:0008). Identified photographers include: Fritz Eschen (P3A); and Carl Van Vechten (P2A-P2B; 997:0105:0008).7   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Manning, Olivia Illustrations from Extraordinary Cats (980:0102:0001-0013). Identified photographers include: James Allan Cash (980:0102:0013); William Heinemann (980:0102:0002); Ida Kar (980:0102:0010); Lee Miller (980:0102:0012); Anthony Panting (980:0102:0003); and Sally Anne Thompson (980:0102:0001, 0004-0009).13    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Mansfield, Katherine, 1888-1923 See additional collection description.513 51 PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Small;
NV:LF Boxes
Mantz, Ruth ElvishVery faded portrait of an unidentified child (997:0079:0029).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Markham, Edwin, 1852-1940One banquet photograph (oversize) of the Edwin Markham Memorial Dinner, circa 30 April 1940, given by the Greenwich Village Historical Society (P1), and three portraits of Markham (997:0079:0125; 997:0105:0010; 999:0036:0051). Identified photographers include: Liberty Flashlight Co. (P1); and Rembrandt (997:0105:0010). 4   PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Large
Marquis, Don, 1878-1937 Portraits of Marquis(?) aboard a ship with a woman and child (his family?) (P1), and with a man in uniform (the captain?) (P2); view of a pond and trees with a figure in the distance, dated 1937 on the verso (997:0105:0056). 3   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Marsh, Edward Howard, Sir, 1872-1953 See additional collection description.79 1  PH:LF:Large Alphabet
Martin, Helena Faucit, 1817-1898 Portrait of Martin by John Jabez Edwin Mayall (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Masefield, John, 1878-1967 See additional collection description. 3183 2PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
NV:LF Boxes
Masters, Edgar Lee, 1868-1950 See additional collection description. 1,0757 1PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
NV:LF Boxes
Masters, HilaryPortrait of Hilary Masters by Neefus Photographers (997:0079:0130).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Maugham, W. Somerset (William Somerset), 1874-1965 See additional collection description. 2293 1PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Small;
Mazziotta, Frank S. Portrait of Mazziotta by Channell Studio (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
McCarthy, Justin, 1830-1912Cabinet cards of Justin McCarthy by Window & Grove (P1) and London Stereoscopic Co. (P2). 2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
McCarthy, Lillah, 1875- Images of or pertaining to Lillah McCarthy (P1, P2A-P2B, P3, P5-P6, P7A-P7C), and an album (P4) of 135 photographic prints depicting her and others in various places, including South Africa, Venice, and Monte Carlo, from 1900 to 1904. Identified photographers include: Falk Studios (P2A-P2B); and Gillman & Soame (P1).144  1PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
McClaskey, Harry--See Burr, Henry        
McClure, Michael Portraits of McClure (997:0105:0091-0092). 2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
McCormick, PatriciaPortrait of McCormick (?) by Cano y Guerra (997:0079:0111).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
McCrae, Hugh, 1876-1958Chiefly portraits of McCrae alone and with family and friends (P1, P2A-P2C, P3, P4A-P4B, P5-P6, P7A-P7E, P8A-P8D, P9, P10A-P10C, P11); nitrate negatives corresponding to P2A-P2C, P3, P7A-P7B, P8A-P8B, P10A-P10B. Identified photographer: R. G. (Robert Guy) Howarth (P2A-P2C, P3, P5, P7A-P7E, P8A-P8D, P10A-P10C, P11). 33   PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
NV:LF Boxes
McCullers, Carson, 1917-1967See additional collection description.1,150 66 PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Small;
PH:LF:OV Box, Medium;
PH:LF:OV Box, Large;
PH:LF:Cased Images Boxes;
NV:LF Boxes
McCulloch, JosephPortrait of McCulloch by Helen Craig (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
McCutcheon, George Barr, 1866-1928 See additional collection description. 7613 3PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Small;
PH:LF:OV Box, Medium;
PH:LF:Cased Images Boxes
McDonald, GenePortrait of McDonald (997:0105:0011). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
McFee, William, 1881- Portraits of McFee (P1-P4), and images pertaining to him (P5-P7; 997:0105:0039, 0045, 0055, 0078). Identified photographers include: Alban Studio (P2); Grand Studio (P1); Craig Shaw (P5); and Paul Thompson (P3-P4).11   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
McGill, Ralph, 1898-1969Color photographic reproduction of a pastel portrait of McGill by Bob Templeton (999:0036:0053). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
McMaster, John Bach, 1852-1932Portrait of McMaster (999:0036:0054).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Medawar, P. B. (Peter Brian), 1915- Portrait of Medawar by Helen Craig (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Medlock, JuliePortrait of Medlock (997:0079:0138). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Mencken, H. L. (Henry Louis), 1880-1956 Portrait of H. L. Mencken playing the piano by Carl Van Vechten (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Menken, Adah Isaacs, 1835-1868Portraits of Adah Isaacs Menken with Alexander D[illegible] (981:0067:0001) and Algernon Charles Swinburne (999:0036:0055, 0120).3   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Mercer, David, 1928-1980Portrait of Mercer by Nicholas Elder (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Meredith, George, 1828-1909 Portraits of Meredith alone and with others (P1A-P1B, P3, P4A-P4C; 983:0072:0001; 997:0105:0012-0016), and a carte-de-visite of his son (P5). 983:0072:0001 is oversize. Identified photographers include: Frederick Hollyer (P1A-P1B, P3, P4A-P4C; 983:0072:0001); Walter Palmer (997:0105:0013-0014); and J. R. (John Robert) Parsons (P5). 13   PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Small
Messager, Andre, 1853-1929See finding aid for Lake, Carlton.2    
Mestrovich, Ivan, 1883-1965Mounted photogravure of Mestrovich, made from an original photograph by Alvin Langdon Coburn, removed from More Men of Mark, 1922 (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Metcalfe, John, 1891- Eleven portraits of Metcalfe by George W. Vassar, in two slightly different poses (P1-P11), and three photograph albums. Metcalfe Album 1 (was P12) contains 38 portraits (22 cabinet cards and 16 cartes-de-visite). Album 2 (was P13) and Album 3 (was P14), containing 95 and 88 photographic prints respectively, include views and portraits, most with manuscript captions. "W. J. Metcalfe" is inscribed on the cover of Album 2. 232  3PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
Meza Alvarez, Guillermo, 1917- Portrait of Meza Alvarez by Hans Beacham (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Michener, James A. (James Albert), 1907- Photographic reproduction of a painting of an unidentified couple (997:0079:0018).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Mill, John Stuart, 1806-1873 Portrait of Mill by John Watkins (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Millais, John Everett, Sir, 1829-1896Portrait of Millais by George Washington Wilson (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Millay, Edna St. Vincent, 1892-1950 Portrait of Millay (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Miller, Arthur, 1915- Portrait of Arthur Miller (P1); and images from productions of The Price (P2-P8), The Creation of the World and Other Business (P9), and Winterset (P10-P12). Identified photographers include: Esther Handler (P1); Inge Morath (P2-P9); and Desmond Tripp (P10-P12).12    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Miller, Henry, 1891- Portrait of Henry Miller and Joe Gray (P6); portrait of Samuel Putnam (P15); a photograph of 11 cats in a garden in Rome (P16); and an oversize portrait of Miller (P21).4   PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Small
Miller, Jeffrey, 1943- Photograph of assorted Japanese foods (980:0043:0016). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Miller, Joaquim, 1837-1913Portrait of Joaquim Miller by F. (Friedrich) Bopp (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Milne, A. A. (Alan Alexander), 1882-1956Two identical portraits of Milne (P1-P2); portrait of an unidentified boy (P3); photograph of the first page of a manuscript for Milne's The Red House Mystery (P4); and a portrait of Milne by Howard Coster (P5). 5   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Mirbeau, Octave, 1848-1917See finding aid for Lake, Carlton.1    
Miriam Lutcher Stark Library Transparencies of the Stark Library (P2A-P2E); photographic reproductions of artworks from the Stark home (P5A-P5D, P5F-P5L); b/w views of the Rare Book Collection (i.e., Stark and Wrenn Libraries) in the Main Building of the University of Texas at Austin, including rooms, various holdings, and staff, circa 1950s (957:0012:0001-0014, 0016-0032, 0034-0037). 52   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Mitchell, S. Weir (Silas Weir), 1829-1914 Portrait of Mitchell (999:0036:0122). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Mitford, Jessica, 1917- B/w photographs of a trade show for businesses associated with correctional institutions(?) (997:0105:0003-0007). 5   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Mitford, Nancy, 1904-1973Portrait of Nancy Mitford (997:0105:0223).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Moeller, Philip, 1880-1958 View of a castle-like stone building (997:0075:0075), and images of an exhibit about Moeller (997:0105:0148-0150).4    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Monet, Claude, 1840-1926See finding aid for Lake, Carlton. 1    
Monkhouse, W. Cosmo (William Cosmo), 1840-1901Cartes-de-visite of Anne Bodwell(?), Charles Lowry Barnwell(?), and Agnes M. Barnwell(?) (985:0012:0001-0003); and an interior view of a study or office (985:0012:0004). Identified photographers include: H. (Henry) Lenthall (985:0012:0002-0003); and Lock & Whitfield (985:0012:0001). 4   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Monsell, William, 1812-1894Portrait of Monsell (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Montarasso, HenriPortrait of Montarasso (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Moore, George, 1852-1933Portraits of George Moore alone and with others (P1-P7; 986:0031:0001-0002; 999:0036:0057); view of his grave (P12); carte-de-visite portrait of his brother Augustus Moore (980:0117:0001); and photographic reproductions of Impressionist paintings (P8-P11; 997:0105:0455); nitrate negatives corresponding to P4-P6; nitrate negative only for P7. Identified photographers include: A. C. Cooper (P8-P11); and Lombardi & Co. (980:0117:0001).20    PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
NV:LF Boxes
Moore, Marianne, 1887-1972Images of or pertaining to Marianne Moore, some of which depict a University of Texas event at which Moore was the guest of honor (P1-P49, P57-P59; 997:0105:0001-0002; 998:0047:0001-0004); P2 is oversize. Identified photographers include: C. & A. Steiner (P1); Charles Callum (P5, P57); Henry Ware Eliot (P28); and E. McKnight (Edward McKnight) Kauffer (P38). 58   PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Large
Moore, Virginia, 1903- Portrait of Virginia Moore as a young woman (997:0105:0036).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Moreau, Emile, 1852-1922Portrait of Moreau by A. Bert (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Morley, Christopher, 1890-1957See additional collection description.2,025 1711 PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Medium;
PH:LF:OV Box, Large;
NV:LF Boxes
Morrell, Ottoline Violet Anne Cavendish-Bentinck, Lady, 1873-1938Portraits of various people (P1-P34) including Morrell and Henry Lamb (P1), the Mathias family (P2-P13), and Siegfried Sassoon and Stephen Tennant (P18-P24). Identified photographers include: Alfred Barratt (P15); J. W. Debenham (P14); J. Weston & Son (P25); B. (Bernard) Johannes (P18, P24); A. Maltese (P22); Lady Ottoline Violet Anne Cavendish-Bentinck Morrell (P34); and J. (John) Thomson (P16). 34   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Morris, William, 1834-1896Portrait of William Morris (P1); portrait of May Morris by Miss Toplis (P2); and portrait of William Morris? wife at age 80 (2001:0053:0016).3   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Mortimer, John Clifford, 1923- Portraits by Helen Craig of John Mortimer (P1A-P1B) and Penelope Mortimer (P2).3   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Moss, ArthurChiefly images of Arthur Moss and friends, including Sylvia Beach, Man Ray and Alice B. Toklas (P1-P16). Identified photographer: Rosalie Thorne McKenna (P1).16    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Moss, Howard, 1922- Portrait of Howard Moss by Rosalie Thorne McKenna (P1); photographic reproduction of a painting of Moss (988:0015:0001); strip of nitrate movie film with animated abstract image (988:0015:0002); deteriorated strip of movie film with animated drawing of a chicken (988:0015:0003); and three frames of movie film with the title "Boogie Doodle" (988:0015:0004).5   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
NV:LF Boxes
Mossiker, Frances Images included in or related to Mossiker's book The Queen's Necklace (P1-P40, P41A-P41B, P42-P49, P50A-P50B, P51A-P51E, P52-P92); P52-P92 are negative prints. Identified photographers include: A. Berguglian, (P47-P48, P50A-P50B, P51A-P51C); and Bulloz (P31, P44-P45, P49).981  PH:LF:Large Alphabet
MotifPortrait of three unidentified men (980:0043:0015).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Motley, John Lothrop, 1814-1877 Three portraits of Motley (P1; 999:0036:0058-0059). Identified photographer: John Watkins (P1). 3   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Mowbray, A. Q.Portrait of Mowbray by Quaker Photo (980:0043:0021).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Muir, Edwin, 1887-1959 Portrait of Muir as a young man by Atelier Kolliner (993:0041:0001). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Mumford, Lewis, 1895- Two b/w views of an unidentified city (in Europe, possibly Italy?) (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Munro, Alexander MacdonaldPortrait of Munro (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Murdoch, IrisPortrait of Murdoch by Nicholas Elder (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Murray, Alma, 1854-1945Album of three cabinet cards.3  1PH:LF:Albums
Muzzio Sáenz-Peña, Carlos Photographs of illustrated leather book bindings (997:0079:0004-0007); formal portraits of Muzzio Saenz-Pena (997:0079:0059) and his wife (997:0079:0060), both by Apugliese. 6   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Napoleon I, Emperor of the French Photograph of Napoleon's library (P1).1    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Nash, Ogden, 1902-1971 See additional collection description.100 1 PH:LF:Large Alphabet
Nathan, Robert, 1894- Portrait of Nathan (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Neilson, John Shaw, 1872-1942 View of Neilson and three unidentified people at a campsite (P1), and photograph of an unidentified woman standing(?) next to a trestle bridge (P2). 2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Neumann, Alfred, 1895-1952Portraits of Alfred Neumann (P1A-P1B, P2, P3A-P3G, P4A-P4G, P5, P6A-P6E); snapshots of him with his wife (P7), of his wife (P8), and of his home Villa San Marino (P9); nitrate negative corresponding to P3. Identified photographer: E. Wasow (P1A-P1B, P3A-P3G, P4A-P4G). 27   PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
NV:LF Boxes
Neumann, Robert, 1897-1975Portrait of Robert Neumann (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Newton, A. Edward (Alfred Edward), 1864-1940 Portrait of Newton (P1); oversize mounted portrait of a middle-aged man (Newton?) in a bow tie and check jacket (957:0079:0001); and photograph of an older couple (Newton and his wife?) in front of the Acropolis, 4 December, 1936 (997:0105:0059). Identified photographers include: Dillon (957:0079:0001); and Samuel J. O. Throbeck (P1). 3   PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Small
Nichols, Beverley, 1899- Portrait of Nichols (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Nin, Anais, 1903-1977Portrait of Nin by Soichi Sunami (P4).1   PH:LF:OV Box, Large
Noailles, Anna Elisabeth de Brancovan, comtesse de, 1876-1933 Portrait of Noailles by Henri Manuel (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Noble, Samuel, 1779-1853Formal portraits of two unidentified men (997:0105:0233-0234).2    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Noguchi, Yone, 1875-1947Mounted photogravure of Noguchi, made from an original photograph by Alvin Langdon Coburn, removed from More Men of Mark, 1922 (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Nolhac, Pierre du, 1859-1936 Portrait of Nolhac by M. Branger (P1); photographic reproductions of a painting of Louis de Ronsard (P2A-P2B); view of the Château de Poissonnière (P3); and view of the tombstone of Ronsard's parents (P4).5    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Norman, Charles, 1904- See additional collection description.46   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
NV:LF Boxes
Norman, Frank Portraits of Frank Norman by Helen Craig (P1-P2). 2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Norman, Sylva, 1901- Scenes from a production of a play called Love?! by Michael Arabian at the Playhouse, London, March 1921 (P1-P20). All photographs by the Stage Photo Company.20    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Norris, Charles Gilman, 1881-1945Signed portrait of Norris (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Noyes, Alfred, 1880-1958Portraits of Noyes by William B. Peakins (P1A-P1B).2    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
O'Brien, ErinPortrait of O'Brien (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
O'Donovan, JoanPortraits of O'Donovan by Helen Craig (P1A-P1B).2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
O'Flaherty, Liam, 1896- Photograph of a sculpted bust of O'Flaherty by William Carter Wescott (P1); portrait of O'Flaherty (P2); formal portrait of an unidentified young man in U.S. Army uniform (978:0037:0001). Identified photographers include: Helga Photo Studio (P1); and Van Dyke Studios (Oklahoma City, Okla.) (978:0037:0001).3    PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Ogarto, FrancescoPhotographic reproductions of three art works by Paul Jacoulet: "My friend, Francesco Ogarto, native of Saipan (Marianas)," 1930 (P1); "Old woman selling carp in Ibaraki (Japan)" (P2); and "Young girl of Fidzi (South Seas) Flower Series," l932 (P3).3   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
O'Keeffe, Georgia, 1887-1986 Portrait of O'Keeffe, circa 16 August, 1950, by Carl Van Vechten (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Oldfield, Claude Houghton--See Houghton, Claude, 1889-        
Olivier, Laurence, 1907- Images of Olivier as Richard III, one with crown (P1) and one without (997:0105:0651); the former is by African Consolidated Theatres and the latter is by Hans Wild.2   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
O'Neill, Eugene, 1888-1953 See additional collection description. 2972  PH:LF:Large Alphabet;
PH:LF:OV Box, Medium;
NV:LF Boxes
Orczy, Emmuska Orczy, Baroness, 1865-1947 See additional collection description.300  2PH:LF:Small Alphabet;
Orioli, Giuseppe, 1884-1942 Portraits of Orioli and others, including Richard Aldington, Norman Douglas, Aldous Huxley, Osbert Sitwell, and Carl Van Vechten (P1-P13, P14A-P14B, P15-P18). Identified photographers include: British Mutoscope and Biograph Company (P6); Lallie Charles (P5); Robert H. Davis (P2); Foto Locchi (P14A-P14B); François Kollar (P17); Lambert Weston & Son (P7); Carl Van Vechten (P1, P11); and Dorothy Wilding (P9). 19   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Orléans, Louis Philippe Robert, duc d', 1869-1926 Signed cabinet card 3/4-length portrait of Orleans with top hat and cane by George Glanville (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Orlovitz, Gil, 1918-1973 Portrait of Orlovitz by Victor Laredo (P1). 1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Oscar II (Ship)--See Henry Ford Peace Expedition (1915-1916)        
O'Sullivan, Seumas, 1879-1958Portrait of James Starkey seated outside, with a cigarette in his mouth (P1).1   PH:LF:Small Alphabet
Owen, Wilfred, 1893-1918 Views of Owen's birthplace (P1-P3, P3A, P4-P5), grammar school (P6A-P6B), and grave (P7, P8A-P8F); color 35mm transparencies of various places associated with Owen's life (P9-P26).33   PH:LF:Small Alphabet

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