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Cain: But Are You Able? The Bible, Byron and Joyce
Cambridge Companion to Ezra Pound
Cambridge Companion to James Joyce
Cambridge Companion to Modern Irish Culture
Cambridge Companion to Modernism
Cambridge Companion to the Irish Novel
Cambridge Companion to Ulysses
Cambridge Introduction to James Joyce
Cannibal Joyce
Canon and Creativity: Modern Writing and the Authority of Scripture
Cartas a Harriet
Carteggio con James Joyce, Valery Larbaud, Benjamin Crémieux, Marie Anne Comnène, Eugen...
Cartes: antologia
Casa Ulises
Cast of Characters: A Reading of Ulysses
Cat and the Devil
Catholic Emancipations: Irish Fiction from Thomas Moore to James Joyce
Catholic Fiction and Social Reality in Ireland, 1873-1922
Catholic Nostalgia in Joyce and Company
Cats of Copenhagen
Celebrating the Sacred in Ordinary Life: James Joyce and the Renaissance Magus
Celtic Bull: Essays on James Joyce's Ulysses
Celtic Master: Contributions to the First James Joyce Symposium Held in Dublin, 1967
Celtic Revivals: Essays in Modern Irish Literature
Celtic Unconscious: Joyce and Scottish Culture
Census of Finnegans Wake: An Index of the Characters and Their Roles
Centenary History of the Literary and Historical Society of University College Dublin, ...
Centennial Bloomsday at Buffalo
Centuries' Ends, Narrative Means
Cerchi e cicli: sulle forme della memoria in Ulisse
Chamber Music
Chaos Theory and James Joyce's Everyman
Chaosmos: Literature, Science, and Theory after Modernism
Characters of Joyce
Cheap Modernism: Expanding Markets, Publishers' Series and the Avant-Garde
Children's Lore in Finnegans Wake
Chimeras of Form: Modernist Internationalism beyond Europe, 1914-2016
Chosen Garden
Chronicle of Leopold and Molly Bloom: Ulysses as Narrative
Cinema and Modernism
Cinema and the Origins of Literary Modernism
Citation and Modernity: Derrida, Joyce, and Brecht
City Codes: Reading the Modern Urban Novel
Clairvoyant: The Imagined life of Lucia Joyce: A Novel
Classic Joyce
Classical Lexicon for Finnegans Wake: A Glossary of the Greek and Latin in the Major Wo...
Classical Temper: A Study of James Joyce's Ulysses
Classics in Modernist Translation
Claybook for James Joyce
Cliff's Notes to Ulysses
Clongowes Wood: A History of Clongowes Wood College 1814-1989
Closing Time
Clytaemnestra: A Tragedy
Coach with Six Insides
Cognitive Joyce
Cohesive Presence: The Girl Image as Subtext in James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist ...
Colder Eye: The Modern Irish Writers
Collaborative Dubliners: Joyce in Dialogue
Collected Essays of James E. McElwain on James Joyce
Collected Poems
Collideorscape of Joyce: Festschrift for Fritz Senn
Colloquial Language in Ulysses: A Reference Tool
Colloquies of Common People
Colors of Zion: Blacks, Jews, and Irish from 1845 to 1945
Comedy of Language: Studies in Modern Comic Literature
Comic Faith: The Great Tradition from Austen to Joyce
Comic Tradition in Irish Women Writers
Commodity Culture of Victorian England: Advertising and Spectacle, 1851-1914
Companion to James Joyce
Companion to James Joyce's Ulysses
Companion to Joyce Studies
Comparative Literature Studies
Complete Dublin Diary of Stanislaus Joyce
Conceptual Guide to Finnegans Wake
Concise Companion to Modernism
Concordance to Finnegans Wake
Concordance to James Joyce's Dubliners, with a Reverse Index, a Frequency List and a Co...
Concordance to the Collected Poems of James Joyce
Conscience of James Joyce
Consciousness of Joyce
Consejos de un discípulo de Morrison a un fanático de Joyce: seguido de Diario de bar
Conspicuous Bodies: Provincial Belief and the Making of Joyce and Rushdie
Constructions of "The Jew" in English Literature and Society: Racial Representations, 1...
Consuming Joyce: 100 Years of Ulysses in Ireland
Contemporary English Novel
Contemporary Novel and the City: Re-conceiving National and Narrative Form
Conversations with James Joyce
Coping with Joyce: Essays from the Copenhagen Symposium
Copywrights: Intellectual Property and the Literary Imagination
Cornell Joyce Collection. A Catalogue
Cosmopolitan Style: Modernism Beyond the Nation
Courtship of Morrice Buckler; The Philanderers; Miranda of the Balcony
Covert Relations: James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, and Henry James
Cracked Lookingglass: James Joyce and the Nightmare of History
Crimes Against Fecundity: Joyce and Population Control
Cristianesimo ed ebraismo in Joyce
Critical Companion to James Joyce: A Literary Reference to his Life and Work
Critical Essays on James Joyce
Critical Essays on James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Critical Essays on James Joyce's Finnegans Wake
Critical Essays on James Joyce's Ulysses
Critical Ireland: New Essays in Literature and Culture
Critical Regionalism and Cultural Studies: From Ireland to the American Midwest
Critical Writings
Critical Writings of James Joyce
Cultural Studies of James Joyce
Culture et figures de la relativité: Le temps retrouvé, Finnegans Wake
Culture of Joyce's Ulysses
Culture, 1922: The Emergence of a Concept
Cyclical Night: Irony in James Joyce and Jorge Luis Borges