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Reviewed Titles

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Machinic Modernism: The Deleuzian Literary Machines of Woolf, Lawrence and Joyce
Mad, Bad, Dangerous to Know: The Fathers of Wilde, Yeats, and Joyce
Makers: Joyce, Yeats and Wilde
Making Conversation in Modernist Fiction
Making of Samuel Beckett's En attendant Godot/Waiting for Godot
Making of Samuel Beckett's Fin de partie/Endgame
Making of the Twentieth-Century Novel: Lawrence, Joyce, Faulkner and Beyond
Making Space in the Works of James Joyce
Male Matters: Masculinity, Anxiety, and the Male Body on the Line
Man from Babel
Man from New York: John Quinn and His Friends
Manuscript Genetics: Joyce's Know-How, Beckett's Nohow
Marginal Modernity: The Aesthetics of Dependency from Kierkegaard to Joyce
Marketing Modernisms: Self-Promotion, Canonization, Rereading
Marx and Modern Fiction
Maschere dell'artista: il giovane Joyce
Masculinities in Joyce: Postcolonial Constructions
Material Modernism: The Politics of the Page
McIntyre, J. Lewis
Measureless Time of Joyce, Deleuze and Derrida
Mechanic Muse
Medieval Aspects of Finnegans Wake
Medieval Invasions in Modern Irish Literature
Medieval Joyce
Meines Bruders Hüter
Memoir of Italo Svevo
Memoirs of a Paid Mourner
Memoirs of Montparnasse
Memory in Literature: From Rousseau to Neuroscience
Memory Ireland, 2: Diaspora and Memory Practices
Memory Ireland, Volume 1: History and Modernity
Memory Ireland, Volume 4: James Joyce and Cultural Memory
Memory Trade: A Prehistory of Cyberculture
Merchant of Modernism: The Economic Jew in Anglo-American Literature, 1864-1939
Metafiktionalität in Finnegans Wake: Das Weibliche als Prinzip selbstreflexiven Erzähle...
Metropolis and Experience: Defoe, Dickens, Joyce
Mettle of the Pasture
Mi hermano James Joyce
Migrant Form: Anti-Colonial Aesthetics in Joyce, Rushdie, and Ray
Mime of Mick, Nick and the Maggies
Miraculous Birth, Secret Life and Lamentable Death of Mr. Chinn
Missed Understandings: A Study of Stage Adaptations of the Works of James Joyce
Modelli per Joyce
Modern Adrogyne Imagination: A Failed Sublime
Modern British Literature
Modern Fiction Studies: Feminist Readings of Joyce
Modern Irish Autobiography: Self, Nation and Society
Modern Irish Literature: Essays in Honor of William York Tindall
Modern Irish Poetry: Tradition and Continuity from Yeats to Heaney
Modern Novel: A Short Introduction
Modern Survivors: The Contemporary Novel in England, the United States, France, and Lat...
Modern World: Ten Great Writers
Modernism and Christianity
Modernism and Close Reading
Modernism and Colonialism: British and Irish Literature, 1899-1939
Modernism and Copyright
Modernism and Cosmology: Absurd Lights
Modernism and Food Studies: Politics, Aesthetics, and the Avant-Garde
Modernism and Homer: The Odysseys of H.D., James Joyce, Osip Mandelstam, and Ezra Pound
Modernism and Latin America: Transnational Networks of Literary Exchange
Modernism and Magic: Experiments with Spiritualism, Theosophy and the Occult
Modernism and Mass Politics: Joyce, Woolf, Eliot, Yeats
Modernism and Physical Illness: Sick Books
Modernism and Race
Modernism and Style
Modernism and the Celtic Revival
Modernism and the Culture of Celebrity
Modernism and the Culture of Market Society
Modernism and the European Unconscious
Modernism and the Fate of Individuality: Character and Novelistic Form from Conrad to W...
Modernism and the Law
Modernism and the New Spain: Britain, Cosmopolitan Europe, and Literary History
Modernism and the Ordinary
Modernism and the Theater of Censorship
Modernism and Time: The Logic of Abundance in Literature, Science, and Culture, 1880-19...
Modernism Is the Literature of Celebrity
Modernism on Fleet Street
Modernism, Imperialism, and the Historical Sense
Modernism, Ireland and Civil War
Modernism, Ireland and the Erotics of Memory
Modernism, Mass Culture, and the Aesthetics of Obscenity
Modernism, Middlebrow and the Literary Canon: The Modern Library Series, 1917-1955
Modernism, Nationalism, and the Novel
Modernism, Satire, and the Novel
Modernism, Science, and Technology
Modernism, Sex, and Gender
Modernism, the Market and the Institution of the New
Modernism, War, and Violence
Modernism: A Cultural History
Modernism: A Short Introduction
Modernism: An Anthology
Modernism: Evolution of an Idea
Modernism: The Lure of Heresy: From Baudelaire to Beckett and Beyond
Modernism's Body: Sex, Culture, and Joyce
Modernism's Print Cultures
Modernisms: A Literary Guide
Modernist Afterlives in Irish Literature and Culture
Modernist Avant-Garde Aesthetics and Contemporary Military Technology: Technicities of ...
Modernist Commitments: Ethics, Politics, and Transnational Modernism
Modernist Communities across Cultures and Media
Modernist Cultural Studies
Modernist Fiction and News: Representing Experience in the Early Twentieth Century
Modernist Fiction and Vagueness: Philosophy, Form, and Language
Modernist Heresies: British Literary History, 1883-1924
Modernist Humanism and the Men of 1914: Joyce, Lewis, Pound, and Eliot
Modernist Literature: Challenging Fictions
Modernist Lives: Biography and Autobiography at Leonard and Virginia Woolf's Hogarth Pr...
Modernist Masters: Studies in the Novel
Modernist Novel and the Decline of Empire
Modernist Novel: A Critical Introduction
Modernist Party
Modernist Short Story: A Study in Theory and Practice
Modernist Survivors: The Contemporary Novel in England, the United States, France, and ...
Modernists at Odds: Reconsidering Joyce and Lawrence
Modes of Faith: Secular Surrogates for Lost Religious Belief
Modes of Modern Writing: Metaphor, Metonymy, and the Typology of Modern Literature
Molly Bloom's Last Word
Molly Blooms: A Polylogue on "Penelope" and Cultural Studies
Molly's Tapestry
Mono katari no yurishizu: naratorojikaru apurochi = The Narrative Object in Ulysses
Montage in James Joyce's Ulysses
Monumental Space in the Post-Imperial Novel: An Interdisciplinary Study
Mookse & the Gripes
"The Mookse and the Gripes": Ein Kommentar zu James Joyces Finnegans Wake
More Pricks than Kicks
Mosaic Modernism: Anarchism, Pragmatism, Culture
Most Dangerous Book: The Battle for James Joyce's Ulysses
Moving Modernisms: Motion, Technology, and Modernity
Moving through Modernity: Space and Geography in Modernism
Mr. Joyce Is Leaving Paris
Multilingualism in Modernist Fiction
Museum Trouble: Edwardian Fiction and the Emergence of Modernism
Music and Irish Cultural History
Music and Sound in the Life and Literature of James Joyce: Joyces Noyces
Music and the Irish Literary Imagination
Music from the Works of James Joyce
Musical Allusions in the Works of James Joyce: Early Poetry Through Ulysses
Musique de chambre et autres poèmes
My Brother's Keeper
My Home Was Simply a Middle-Class Affair...Joyce's Dublin Family
My Impossible Health or the Case of James Joyce: Catalogue of an Exhibition
Myriadminded Man: Jottings on Joyce
Myselves When Young
Myth and the Modern Novel: García Márquez, Mann, and Joyce
Myth of Manliness in Irish National Culture, 1880-1922
Mythic Worlds, Modern Words: On the Art of James Joyce
Mythology in the Modern Novel: A Study of Prefigurative Techniques