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Reviewed Titles

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Nabokov’s Favorite Word is Mauve: What the Numbers Reveal about the Classics, Bestselle...
Names and Disguises
Names and Naming in Joyce
Narrating Loss: Representations of Mourning, Nostalgia and Melancholia in Contemporary ...
Narrative Con/Texts in Dubliners
Narrative Con/Texts in Ulysses
Narrative Design in Finnegans Wake: The Wake Lock Picked
Narrative Situations in the Novel: Tom Jones, Moby-Dick, The Ambassadors, Ulysses
Narrative Strategies in Joyce's Ulysses
Narratives of Class in New Irish and Scottish Literature: From Joyce to Kelman, Doyle, ...
Narrator and Character in Finnegans Wake
Nase für Neuigkeiten: Vermischte Nachrichten von James Joyce
Nation States: The Cultures of Irish Nationalism
Nationalism in Modern Anglo-Irish Poetry
Nationalism, Colonialism, and Literature
Nationalism, Colonialism, and Literature: Modernism and Imperialism
Nationalism, Colonialism, and Literature: Nationalism, Irony and Commitment
Nationalism, Colonialism, and Literature: Yeats and Decolonization
Neo-Aristotelian and Joycean Theory of Poetic Forms
Nets of Modernism: Henry James, Virginia Woolf, James Joyce, and Sigmund Freud
New & Complex Sensation: Essays on Joyce's Dubliners
New Alliances in Joyce Studies: "When It's Aped to a Foul a Delfian"
New and Complex Sensation: Essays on Joyce's Dubliners
New Approach to Joyce: The Portrait of the Artist as a Guidebook
New Casebooks: Dubliners
New Light on Joyce from the Dublin Symposium
New Perspectives on Dubliners
New Perspectives on James Joyce: Ignatius Loyola, Make Haste to Help Me!
Nicht nur Nichts gegen Joyce: Aufsätze über Joyce und die Welt, 1969-1999
Nichts gegen Joyce: Joyce versus Nothing: Aufsätze 1959-1983
Night Joyce of a Thousand Tiers: Studies in Finnegans Wake
Noch mehr über Joyce: Streiflichter
Nora Barnacle Joyce: A Portrait
Nora Joyce: ?ywot prawdziwej Molly Bloom
Nora: A Biography of Nora Joyce
Nora: La vérité sur les rapports de Nora et James Joyce
Nora: The Real Life of Molly Bloom
Nordic Rejoycings 1982
Notes for Joyce: An Annotation of James Joyce's Ulysses
Notes for Joyce: Dubliners and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Novel as Family Romance: Language, Gender, and Authority from Fielding to Joyce
Novel in Motion: An Approach to Modern Fiction