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Raid on the Articulate: Comic Eschatology in Jesus and Borges
Re: Joyce: Text, Culture, Politics
RE: Joyce'n Beckett
Reader's Guide to Finnegans Wake
Reader's Guide to James Joyce
Reading 1922: A Return to the Scene of the Modern
Reading Alcoholisms: Theorizing Character and Narrative in Selected Novels of Thomas Ha...
Reading Cultures: The Construction of Readers in the Twentieth Century
Reading Derrida Reading Joyce
Reading Dubliners Again: A Lacanian Perspective
Reading Finnegans Wake
Reading Joyce
Reading Joyce Politically
Reading Joyce's "Circe"
Reading Joyce's Ulysses
Reading Narrative Discourse: Studies in the Novel from Cervantes to Beckett
Reading on the Edge: Exiles, Modernities, and Cultural Transformation in Proust, Joyce ...
Reading Texts, Reading Lives: Essays in the Tradition of Humanistic Cultural Criticism ...
Reading the Book of Himself: Narrative Strategies in the Works of James Joyce
Reading the Inferno: James Joyce’s Notazioni on Dante’s Divine Comedy
Reading the Modern British and Irish Novel, 1890-1930
Reading the Modernist Bildungsroman
Readings: The Poetics of Blanchot, Joyce, Kafka, Kleist, Lispector, and Tsvetayeva
Real People of Joyce's Ulysses: A Biographical Guide
Real Trial of Oscar Wilde: The First Uncensored Transcript of the Trial of Oscar Wilde ...
Reauthorizing Joyce
Recent Criticism of James Joyce's Ulysses: An Analytical Review
Reception of James Joyce in Europe
Recollections of James Joyce by His Brother
Reconfiguring Modernism: Explorations in the Relationship between Modern Art and Modern...
Re-Covering Modernism: Pulps, Paperbacks, and the Prejudice of Form
Recovering Your Story: Proust, Joyce, Woolf, Faulkner, Morrison
Red Bank: James Joyce: His Greek Notebooks
Red Riding Hood and the Wolf in Bed: Modernism's Fairy Tales
Refiguring Modernism, Volume One: The Women of 1928
Reflections on James Joyce: Stuart Gilbert's Paris Journal
Re-Forming the Narrative: Toward a Mechanics of Modernist Fiction
Reframing A Portrait Of The Artist: Joyce and the Phenomenological Imagination
Re-inventing the Symptom: Essays on the Final Lacan
ReJoycing: New Readings of Dubliners
Relations: Ethics and the Modernist Subject in James Joyce's Ulysses, Virginia Woolf's ...
Religion and Aesthetic Experience in Joyce and Yeats
Religion of Art: A Modernist Theme in British Literature, 1885-1925
Religious Experience and the Modernist Novel
Remembering and the Sound of Words: Mallarmé, Proust, Joyce, Beckett
Renaissances: Vivre avec Joyce, Aquin, Yourcenar
Renascence: Essays on Values in Literature
Renascent Joyce
Rereading the New: A Backward Glance at Modernism
Restored Finnegans Wake
Rethinking Joyce's Dubliners
Retranslating Joyce for the 21st Century
Re-Viewing Classics of Joyce Criticism
Revolutionary Damnation: Badiou and Irish Fiction from Joyce to Enright
Rewriting Joyce's Europe: The Politics of Language and Visual Design
Rhetoric of Modernist Fiction: From a New Point of View
Richard Aldington and H.D.: The Early Years in Letters
Ricordo di Joyce a Trieste: con una lettera di James Joyce
Riddles of Finnegans Wake
Riders to the Sea = La cavalcata al mare
Rite of Passage in the Narratives of Dante and Joyce
Ritual, Myth, and the Modernist Text: The Influence of Jane Ellen Harrison on Joyce, El...
Rituals of Literature: Joyce, Dante, Aquinas, and the Tradition of Christian Epics
Riverrun to Livvy: Lots of Fun Reading the First Page of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake
riverrun: Ensaios sobre James Joyce
Rocky Road to Ulysses
Role of Thunder in Finnegans Wake
Roll Away the Reel World: James Joyce and Cinema
Romanian Joyce: From Hostility to Hospitality
Romantic Joyce
Romantic Poetry and the Fragmentary Imperative: Schlegel, Byron, Joyce, Blanchot
Romantic Theory of the Novel: Genre and Reflection in Cervantes, Melville, Flaubert, Jo...
Romping through Ulysses
Ruchia joisu o motomete: Joisu bungaku no haikei
Ruins and Fragments: Tales of Loss and Rediscovery